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7 tips for improving your Magento store rank in 2017

Magento store rank

In our today society, Magento is the giant among the market of ecommerce platform. Because it is so popular and friendly so Magento usually come as the first choice for business owners. However, using it is simple but how can you make this giant become your close friend, support your business will be a long journey. In this article, I am so glad to give you great tips when setting up one Ecommerce from Magento.

  1. Say NO to Duplicate Content

There is a serious misunderstanding that setting the same contents in different categories will make your business website become SEO friendly. I can affirm that this is absolutely wrong. Why? Google never highly appreciates duplicate content. So you can avoid duplication by doing follow those steps: System -> Configuration -> Catalog -> Search Engine Optimization and set Canonical Link Meta Tags for Products and Categories to Yes

How To Your Magento Store Ranked Higher On Google 2017.

  1. Generating Google Site Map

You should never downplay the role of Google Site Map because it will help search engines navigate your website more quickly and easily. Just imagine your website as the building, site map will be the  blueprint that informs search engines exactly where everything is located. You can generate Google site map by:

  • Go to Catalog -> Google Sitemap -> Add new
  • Type sitemap.xml in File name
  • Fill out with the directory on server in Path file so the sitemap.xml file is saved.
  • Select the store view you set up the sitemap in Store view
  • Save and Generate
  1. txt File

If you want search engine to index your site, let’s do it.

System -> Configuration -> Design -> Default Robots -> INDEX, FOLLOW.

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  1. Metadata

Metadata includes keywords and meta description, they tell Google about your website:

Keyword: remember to add at least 5 keywords related to the content or your business

Description: Content is King and consider it as the employee and tell this employee as much as you can about your company.

  1. Smart devices optimization

Nowadays, a number of smart devices users exceed far beyond the one who use the desktop so we cannot ignore the importance of these technologies to the development of economic. They allow people go online shopping whenever and everywhere. As the result, you should make sure your site are friendly with those devices because a poorly optimized site can greatly harm the performance of online stores in Google searches.

You can refer Magento mobile theme – a tool helps your site be friendly with smart devices.

  1. Adding a Blog to Your Magento Store

As I mentioned in part 4, Content is always the King, so let’s bring your site to the higher level, make it more valuable with interesting content. An ideal choice is using Blog, you post content related to your business, your site will get more share and traffic. Remember to keep updating your Blog as soon as possible.

You can refer Magento 2 Blog extension from Netbase tea, that is the great extension if you want to generate great blog for your site

  1. Product Ratings and Review

There are both sides for this function. If your business is great, there will be good reviews, high rating and Google like this. However, if customers rank your site low, it will affect your business a lot.

We have Magento 2 products provide this functions such as Magento multi vendor theme package.

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