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Advanced Reports



The Advanced Reports extension improves functionality of native Magento reports and creates a complete picture of your business situation. Advanced Reports is a perfect solution for all your reporting needs whether you want to display data from various charts, aggregate information by week or anything else. Moreover, this Magento extension can be expanded withadditional units!

Let’s face it – if you cannot analyze your current activities using up-to-date, comprehensive reports, you cannot effectively and efficiently conduct business.

That’s simply not acceptable.

To assist your company in achieving success in today’s fast-paced, competitive global marketplace, the Advanced Reports Magento extension by aheadWorks is ready to be your reporting partner. Not only does this Magento extension allow you to obtain more sales information than ever before, but you can also use the information you cull to better draw conclusions about the status of your business.

Whether you want to run reports by countries, hours, days of the week or other criteria, the Advanced Reports Magento module can help you get a complete picture of your business situation. It’s the perfect product to help you maximize your organization’s profitability!

Features & Benefits:

Advanced Reports 2.0 and above supports units! Now you can purchase additional reports you need keeping expenses as low as possible. Check the units list right now!

The Advanced Reports Magento module allows reporting data to be displayed by: Day, Week, Month, Quarter, Year.

The Advanced Reports extension contains numerous pre-defined “reporting period” ranges, including: Today, Yesterday, Last 7 days, Last week (Sunday-Saturday), Last business week (Monday-Friday), This month, Last month, Custom date range.

For each report you can customize:

  • order status
  • orders selection by “Create at” or “Updated at”
  • column view

Basic Advanced Reports offers other specialized options:

  • “Bestsellers” report. This report displays information about the products your customers most frequently purchased over a period of time. As an added benefit, the number of products can be limited
  • “Sales by Hour” report. This type of report helps you analyze the hours purchases were made in your traditional or online store. Each hour is set to be reported separately; however, this default setting can be customized
  • “Sales by Day of Week” report. Want to know how many sales you made on Tuesday versus Thursday? Advanced Reports can create a Week Day report for any week day
  • “Sales by Product” report. It’s easy to check the sales of any product for any period of time! Compare the sales of several products, all with the touch of a few buttons! Now with SKU instant search and detailed data selection by optional and masked SKU
  • “Sales by Country” report. It helps you maintain sales reports by country, which is especially critical if you’re operating on a global level. With the extension software, it’s easy to view the items purchased during any period of time; the amount and total price of the products purchased; and an easy-to-read world map showing where purchases were made
  • “Sales Report”. With this Advanced Reports unit, it’s simple to display the purchase date and time of products sold during a specified period. Filtering option allows you to sort the data according to any value you’d like – SKU, product name, manufacturer, etc.
  • “Sales” report. This report type is enhanced Magento Sales Report which allows you to display sales data on the chart and set up the pre-defined reporting period range.
  • “Users Activity” report. This report allows you to observe customers’ activities (e.g., new accounts and orders) for any period of time. The Users Activity chart is set up to reflect the reporting information visually.
  • “Sales by Customer Group” report. This great feature gives you the opportunity to see sales by groupings of customer types
  • “Products by Customer” report. This report allows you to learn how many products have been bought at a time by the majority/minority of your customers
  • The enlarged number of fields in each report type allows you to make a thorough analysis of your business situation.



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