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Automatic Cart Upsells & Cross-sells Magento Extension Free Download


Standard Magento upsells and modest cross-sells have no effect? Motivate your store visitors to buy more with Magento Automatic Upsells extension by Magalter Co. All you need to do is to create an upsell rule with one or several anchor products and one or several related products (upsells).

Ones your visitors put an anchor product in the shopping cart and want to go to the checkout page by clicking checkout button, they will see a handy pop-up with related upsells you have configured. You can create unlimited rules and easily apply flexible discounts, add promotional templates or even disable upsells for specific customer groups.

Main features:

  • Shopping cart rules functionality
  • Upsell products rules functionality
  • Customer groups restrictions
  • Unlimited number of preconfigured templates
  • Flexible display settings (number of upsells to show, blocks order, sort by and direction options)
  • Upsell user-friendly java script pop-up with upsell detailed information
  • Date & Time restrictions
  • Predefined shopping cart positions
  • Ability to disable standard Magento cross-sells from administration interface
  • Complete multistore support

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