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What we can learn from the success of ASOS?


ASOS.com is a British online fashion and beauty store. Primarily aimed at young adults, ASOS sells over 850 brands as well as its own range of clothing and accessories. Revenue for the financial year ending 31 August 2015 was £1,119.9 million (According to Wikipedia).

As we all know, with an ecommerce company, website is very important. Having a powerful ecommerce website is a prerequisite to success. So, in this article, we will find out how ASOS do with their site to find success and what other businesses can learn from them.

Streamlined navigation experience

ASOS website has an incredibly simple primary navigation bar. It helps every visitor can easily to start exploring the huge product range in their site. In fact, ASOS was also one of the early online retailers whom use a mega menu for their site, it has always been tailored to suit a range of buyer types and expose a wide range of the brand areas.

So, there are 4 points we can learn from ASOS:

  • Simplify the primary navigation to help customer can easily to start exploring the store.
  • Make sure that your navigation has a good structure and clarity of the types.
  • Provide quick access if you have new or sale products.
  • Use cookies for the store which visitor spends most time in and when they access your homepage URL, redirect them back in to that store.


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What makes searching through ASOS’s 80,000 products a breeze

With a really huge amount of products, ASOS clearly understand the importance of search function and they did a great job. They have a search box with no clutter, without distractions and great functionality across all digital devices.

ASOS’s search function is very powerful which can give users an extremely accurate search results; the typos are automatically corrected whilst its intuitive predictive text is able to decipher what a shopper could be looking for.

By taking browsing history to narrow search categories, ASOS bring a good experience for users, they learn from customer behaviors to improve searching and give them better keyword prediction.


Moreover, ASOS also shows the number of items in each category, helps shoppers know the number of relevant product to their search.

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How to get shoppers to make that important ‘add to cart’ step

Based on research into shopper preferences, it shows that product pages are one major area where have many impacts on the purchase decision. The decision to make a purchase is often rely on the information supplied on the product pages. We can see that product page on ASOS website has the clear and detailed product information, the photos, stock availability, image zoom functionality and video.


In ASOS website, shoppers liked the catwalk video feature; it helps them to get a real feel for the product before purchasing. Provide detailed look of product can help users to easily understand product and it’s a simple way to increase average cart values. Consumers will tend to buy more if they feel satisfied.

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Checkout made simple

Look at ASOS checkout page, all information for checkout process is displayed on a single page. The progress indicators help customers to know how long the checkout process may take.


They also provide various delivery options; offering free delivery is a key USP (unique selling point) for pure play ASOS. Checkout registration is one of the most common mistakes that make shoppers drop their cart, so ASOS reduces the risk of cart abandonment by providing social login option, this is a feature which customers loved by its convenience.

Source: econsultancy.com

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