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Why do we need powerful Magento T-shirt design tool for business?

Magento T-shirt design tool

There is one interesting fact that in our today society, the number of the smartphone is even far more than the number of the bank account. It is absolutely true in the context of developing countries when we need to prioritize the quicker, hassle-free and convenient purchase. This trend has paved way for a lot of eCommerce companies, especially with …

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Perfect Magento web navigation trends for the promising 2017

Magento web navigation trends in 2017

In the e-commerce tech-savvy world, Magento is undoubtedly the asset to build alluring website designs that will obtain higher conversions and boosted traffic. Although, Magento is basically a perfect answer to give a top-notch user experience but when you apply it for your store, you still need to customize it follow current web navigation trends. Here are some trends for …

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7 tips for improving your Magento store rank in 2017

Magento store rank

In our today society, Magento is the giant among the market of ecommerce platform. Because it is so popular and friendly so Magento usually come as the first choice for business owners. However, using it is simple but how can you make this giant become your close friend, support your business will be a long journey. In this article, I …

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Evaluating Magento and Prestashop: Which one to choose?


If you search e-commerce platform on Google, just Google only, there will be hundreds of results returned just in few second. If it is the first time you approach information technology industry, feeling of dizzy is inevitable because deciding to choose which one among those results is not an easy task. Let’s start by narrowing your choice to open source …

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How Magento Order Upload Extension benefits your client

Magento order upload extension

You are in the printing business and have a lot of customers by introducing available products on your site where customer choose satisfied items. However, you are missing a huge of customers who want to print personal products which show their character as well as aspirations for a beloved person. There is a product supporting this task is Magento Order …

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Magento 2 mega menu: new powerful Magento 2 extension


The reason why mega menu is preferred by most of the business owners and consumers is it could enhance usability. In this article, from the very subjective point of view, I will give you the usability advantages of mega menu in general and why Magento 2 Mega menu is the best choice for your e-commerce site. Usability advantages of mega …

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Magento Ajax Search Autocomplete and Suggest on Cmsmart

Magento ajax search autocomplete

Nowadays, customer’s criterion for the online shop is increasing day by day. Although you had a great interface for your site but it is not enough for customer experience. When customers are looking for a suitable product, they will be quite difficult if you have a huge number of products. That is the motivation for us to make a function …

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Magento Frequently Bought Together extension

Magento Frequently Bought Together

When customers buy a product on your site, they often add the product to cart and checkout. If they want to buy some related items with the main product, they need to tick the boxes before hitting “add to cart” button. This process takes so much manipulation and quite unconvinced as they don’t instantly know how much the total is …

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Daily deal magento Extension on Cmsmart

Daily deal magento Extension

In online business, to increase your sale, you need to carry out many types of marketing such as advertising, discount, promotion… One of them is discount by daily deals that is useful campaign to attract your customers buy a large number of products in a short time. Furthermore, it increases number of times clients visit your web shop, improve your …

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Strengthen your online business with Magento color swatch

Magento color swatch

In this article, we will introduce you to the fantastic Magento color swatch on Cmsmart, an amazing and interesting Magento extension. But first,  let’s spend some time chatting about colors and their effects in our life. In the seasonal color analysis-section, we can understand how color affect your life, in this case, we focus on your appearance. In the day …

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