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4 biggest Blogging trend for promising 2017

Blog trends 2017

In 2017, it comes as no surprising that blogging trends for 2017 will follow the same pattern. Since recent several years, plenty of blogs have been created for content sharing purpose but that many of them will not be read. The main reason is they’ll fail to stand out amongst the crowd. So, in this article, I will show you …

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Modernizing your online store with Magento extensions

Magento extensions

There is one fact which may surprise you is that we are diehard shopaholics. Yep, diehard shopaholics! It is not exaggerated, why can we affirm like that? You just need to see the number of E-commerce stores on the market, which is the most convincing clue for our statement, they are mushrooming, sky rocketing. The simply and convenience of online …

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Top three best Magento Extension on Cmsmart


If you are using or intend to use Magento as your ecommerce platform, welcome to be a part of crowded community with millions users. Probably, Magento is the most solid e-Commerce platform around. The big such as Nike, Bazaar or MotherCare also trust Magento for their ecommerce website. The list of Magento extensions seems to be endless and to simplify, …

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How to make your site to be a leader in ecommerce?


nce you step into business, you always want to be successful, as the leader in your sector. However, to do so, you will need a good business platform. For example, if you are retailer, you’ll need a good store with well located, beautiful décor, good staff, etc… and if you are online retailers, you will need a good website. So, …

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Customer Experience Design and Impact on Businesses


Focus on Customer Experience is a new trick in business which we have learned from the luminaries of yesteryear. Nowadays, instead of emphasis on marketing and sales strategy, the businesses are focusing on the customer experience in both their product/service design and business model. According to walkerinfo, they have predicted that customer experience will overtake price and product as key brand …

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How to prevent shopping cart abandonment?


With any online retailer, process to turn visitors into customers is a real challenge. Checkout is the last obstacle on the way to your goal. To enhance the ability to successfully and overcome this obstacle, the user experience in checkout process is what retailers need to focus on improving. The poor customer experience will likely to make customers drop their …

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How To Create A Perfect Checkout Process ?


Revenue is the most important goal of an ecommerce website. There are many factors that affect the business performance of an ecommerce website. Checkout is the final process of completing a purchase online. But now there are many website owners, who own e-commerce site is not fully understood the importance of checkout process. There are some statistics that we need …

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Did You Prepare Your Online Store For Holiday Season 2015


Holiday season is the time that the businesses, online store owners very interested. Because this is the time that the needs’ shopping of the people is highest in the year, so this is the time for businesses to be able to create a breakthrough of revenue. Did you prepare for the holiday season of 2015 yet? If not yet, here …

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Store Manager for Magento PRO – Perfect Managers For Your Store


In business, the store manager is the most important task. Finding a dedicated assistant who can work regardless of time with high yield is the desire of any boss. With Store Manager for Magento PRO, all the criteria of an excellent assistant will be reached with your surprise. Do not leave, do not interrupt work because of health problems, can work …

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Shopping List Magento Extension – Powerfull Extension for Your Online Store


The benefits that Shopping List Extension brings to customers The shopping list helps customer save time thanks to present an organized approach enabling the shopper to get in and get out of the store without wasting time looking for goods you do not need. The shopping list helps customer save money. If they have a list of products need shopped …

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