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Search Function in Magento Store – What is the right way?


When you go to a supermarket and you want to buy a towel or a toothbrush. Imagine what would happen if there are no signposts, how can you find a towel in a big supermarket? Think again. There are actually some simple things you can do to significantly improve your site search, engage your visitors, and increase conversion rates on …

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Magento Mega Menu Extension – Easy to Navigate


Easy to Navigate is an important sector to evaluate how a Magento store serves customers. And certainly, it is always the priority as well as the key factor that every web-store owners tend to. On Magento platform, there are various ways to get easy Navigation such as installing Layered Navigation extension, creating Menu item, Category or Product pages in easy …

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Magento Product Videos Extension 2.1.1


Magento Product Videos Extension 2.1.1 – Leverage the advantages of video marketing for ecommerce website The product page is where visitors came to read and find the detail information of a product. Visitors will make their decisions to buy or not, it will depend on whether the product informations can convince them or not. A product page with many clutter …

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Boosting Sales with Group – Daily Deals Strategy


With the brick and mortar outlets, using the circular ads announcing their week’s sales on Sunday can not only increase their Sunday revenue, but also a steady influx for the rest of the week as well. This method can works well with the ecommmerce stores. Using daily and group discount deals may not stranger with store owners. However, perhaps still …

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Most Viewed Products Magento Extension


Today everyone know about the powerful of internet and number of online store increase every day. Do you want to know which products your customers care much on your site? And base on that you can adjust bussiness trends. Most viewed product extension will resolve this problem for you. Because of many features was intergreated in this product, therefore it …

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Products Best Selling Magento Extension


Do you want to increase your sales volume? Many ways to improve your revenue but today we will show you the best way to make your customers buy more and more items. Therefore adding Products Best selling Extension in your site will show the shortest way to buy products which most of people care. Why use this product – product benefit …

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8 Must Have Extensions for Better Magento Site


Magento is opensource and also one of the most popular ecommerce platforms in the world. Because it’s an open source, so you can freely customize your source code. Moreover, very large community of users and developers also gives you a lot of support when building your website. There are a lot of 3rd extensions which available in marketplace and will …

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Magento Color Swatch Extension

Magento color swatch

E-commerce in general, shopping online in particular is a trend in modern life. Benefits of shopping online are undeniable, but besides the strengths, shopping online is still exists the problem that we need to resolve. We have a problem which makes some people hesitate when shopping online it’s sometimes they feel difficult to know what exactly the product that they …

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What Is The Best Magento One Step Checkout Extension ?


Checkout is the last step when making an online transaction. Certainly there are many people who think that the implementation of the checkout steps is very simple and they use the default checkout features for their site. However, the statistics show that more than 60% of customers have abandoned shopping online because of the complexity when do checkout steps. That …

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SAML Single Sign On Magento Plugin


For all websites, especially e-commerce websites, the interaction with the customer is very important. If users want to use the full functionality of the website, all websites requires them to log-in to use. This enables website owners to manage information with ease; however, having to create multiple accounts for different sites will make some customers uncomfortable. Therefore, there are many …

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