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Magento 2 and The Features That You Can Expect


Magento 2 – the newest version of Magento ecommerce platform, this new version comes with many improvements on security, performance, user experience… This is a good news for all Magento community, for both users and developers. If you are planning to upgrade your site, here are some features that you can expect from Magento 2: Performance Magento 1 need more hardware …

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10 Principles To Follow For Good Website Navigation


How to create a good navigation for my website? This is a common question of many website owners. As we know, navigation is one of the most important elements of every websites. A good navigation will help your visitors can easily to surf and find what they want on your site. It also brings a good user experience. However, in …

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The Common Magento SSL Issues and How to resolve


The SSL – Secure Socket Layer is important to any online store owner’s website, it ensures that your customers’ private information is passed securely between their browsers and your web servers. The SSL certificate that installed on your site will tell your customers that your site is safe, then they will feel more secure when shopping on your site. Moreover, Google …

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E-Commerce Trends 2016 Through The Numbers


E-Commerce is very important in business today. The annual revenue of e-commerce continued to increase sharply, the economists predict that online shopping is up by 45% in 2016 and U.S online shoppers will spend $327 billion in 2016. That is just one of the many impressive numbers from ecommerce. In this article, we will discover the trends of e-commerce in …

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Personalized Products – The Trend of Online Business


The personalized products, you can find it in many places, they are the key rings with name or on the gifts which you saw on streets and local markets. But now, along with the development of technology, inspiring product purchasing and change in consumer behaviour, the personalized product is not only a key ring but also is t-shirt, shoes, mobile …

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Why Your Business Should Going Online?


nline shopping is very popular now, instead of having to go to the brick and mortar store; we can choose and buy products quickly through the Internet. That is the great convenience that ecommerce provides. However, it was surprising that still have 26 percent of small businesses who don’t have a website, 9 percent have plans to build a website …

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How to make your site to be a leader in ecommerce?


nce you step into business, you always want to be successful, as the leader in your sector. However, to do so, you will need a good business platform. For example, if you are retailer, you’ll need a good store with well located, beautiful décor, good staff, etc… and if you are online retailers, you will need a good website. So, …

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Customer Experience Design and Impact on Businesses


Focus on Customer Experience is a new trick in business which we have learned from the luminaries of yesteryear. Nowadays, instead of emphasis on marketing and sales strategy, the businesses are focusing on the customer experience in both their product/service design and business model. According to walkerinfo, they have predicted that customer experience will overtake price and product as key brand …

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How to prevent shopping cart abandonment?


With any online retailer, process to turn visitors into customers is a real challenge. Checkout is the last obstacle on the way to your goal. To enhance the ability to successfully and overcome this obstacle, the user experience in checkout process is what retailers need to focus on improving. The poor customer experience will likely to make customers drop their …

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Magento 2 and the improvements


Magento 2.0 has been released in 11/2015 with many improvements, but the question is why store owners and developers should to keep eye on Magento 2 and what are the impacts of Magento 2.0 on both web site performance and implementing custom functionality. To find the anwsers, we need to understand the difference between Magento 1 and Magento 2. When …

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