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Get more order with the direct sales tatics


With small business or new online store, facing the challenges to make sales is a pretty common thing. There are the facts that: In 2014, 21% of all US small business owners said that attracting new customers is a challenge for them. That makes it #1 challenge among small business. The big companies are struggling, too: online about 8% of …

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Ranking factors compare: Desktop vs Mobile


The summer in 2015 is considered as the great leap forward in the world of Search when the Google searches on Mobile Devices first time become greater than that of personal computers world-wide. Not only Google sees the development opportunities in this case but also so other business owners also need to understand how meaningful it is with their works. …

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Improve Shopping Cart and Boost Conversion Rates


With ecommerce, sales and conversion has to happen via the shopping cart that leads to the checkout page. In my opinion, the shopping cart is where most marketers fall short and thus lose what they have gained with great pains. In this article, I will talk about some ways that you should do to get all those sales and optimize your shopping …

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How To Create A Perfect Checkout Process ?


Revenue is the most important goal of an ecommerce website. There are many factors that affect the business performance of an ecommerce website. Checkout is the final process of completing a purchase online. But now there are many website owners, who own e-commerce site is not fully understood the importance of checkout process. There are some statistics that we need …

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Did You Prepare Your Online Store For Holiday Season 2015


Holiday season is the time that the businesses, online store owners very interested. Because this is the time that the needs’ shopping of the people is highest in the year, so this is the time for businesses to be able to create a breakthrough of revenue. Did you prepare for the holiday season of 2015 yet? If not yet, here …

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