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How can you add images for design products with Magento 2 online design?

Magento 2 online design module

Online design seems to be the indispensable feature for any digital printing business, from small, medium to the enterprises. Consumers desire the designs that exhibit attitude, perception, and even character. That’s the motivation for the printing industry be more and more mature. in this article, we will show you how can you add images for design products with Magento 2 …

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7 tips for improving your Magento store rank in 2017

Magento store rank

In our today society, Magento is the giant among the market of ecommerce platform. Because it is so popular and friendly so Magento usually come as the first choice for business owners. However, using it is simple but how can you make this giant become your close friend, support your business will be a long journey. In this article, I …

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Top 5 most popular Magento extensions


We all know that Magento is reliable, customizable, user friendly and undoubtedly one of the best ecommerce platforms that can be used for an e-store. However, if you really want your e-store to stand out, then Magento alone won’t suffice. You need to be a little smart and intuitive to be able to envisage your visitors requirements. Adding additional and …

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The Common Magento SSL Issues and How to resolve


The SSL – Secure Socket Layer is important to any online store owner’s website, it ensures that your customers’ private information is passed securely between their browsers and your web servers. The SSL certificate that installed on your site will tell your customers that your site is safe, then they will feel more secure when shopping on your site. Moreover, Google …

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Improve Shopping Cart and Boost Conversion Rates


With ecommerce, sales and conversion has to happen via the shopping cart that leads to the checkout page. In my opinion, the shopping cart is where most marketers fall short and thus lose what they have gained with great pains. In this article, I will talk about some ways that you should do to get all those sales and optimize your shopping …

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How To Create A Perfect Checkout Process ?


Revenue is the most important goal of an ecommerce website. There are many factors that affect the business performance of an ecommerce website. Checkout is the final process of completing a purchase online. But now there are many website owners, who own e-commerce site is not fully understood the importance of checkout process. There are some statistics that we need …

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Book or Rent – A Multipurpose Booking Rental Software for Magento Site

Book or Rent722

Internet is an extremely popular concept right today. With the explosion of the internet, activities on the internet are also being expanded, we can do many things with the internet. We can entertain, shopping, work, study, etc. Internet is now an important channel for business strategy of all company. Tourism and hospitality industry are not exception. Now people are using …

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Magento Google Enhanced Ecommerce Tracking – Keep Tracking Your Site by Easiest Way


E-commerce is growing in popularity around the world and ongoing development. We may encounter ecommerce everywhere and in all industries. Many companies now spend an interest and investment to build for them an e-commerce site. However, due to the explosion of ecommerce also makes the competition between e-commerce sites become more intense. To make an ecommerce site work well, the …

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Collection of Powerful Magento Extensions for Ecommerce Website from KodeMatix


Nowaday, Magento has become one of the best platforms to build an Ecommerce Website. According to the Ecommerce Platform market share in Alexa top 1 milion websites from Datanyze, over 24% ecommerce website use Magento and the market share of Magento will be bigger in 2015. according to the rapid growth of technology, every website owner needs to, that will make …

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Price Match Magento Extension – Powerful Tool For Your Website


Price always affects consumer decisions on what to buy such as find betters products with same price or a similar product for a cheaper price. Many surveys have shown that a change in price could produce unexpected results when it comes to consumer buying behavior. How Price affects consumer decisions You should understand that when you raise the price  you …

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