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Daily deal magento Extension on Cmsmart

In online business, to increase your sale, you need to carry out many types of marketing such as advertising, discount, promotion… One of them is discount by daily deals that is useful campaign to attract your customers buy a large number of products in a short time. Furthermore, it increases number of times clients visit your web shop, improve your Google ranking. One  product, one solution that will allow you to deal with this problem at Cmsmart marketplace, it is Daily Deal Magento Extension.

Daily deal magento Extension

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As you know, Magento frame is developing strongly with themes, templates and extensions. Daily Deal Extension is compatible with Magento 1.5x – 1.9x and next versions, in the future, with flexible countdown timer, it supports all types of product including electronic, furniture, apparel, beauty, food, drink… So many fields! Moreover, with multiple deals supported, you can set up the time left limit by day, hour, minute or seconds, each type of products have different countdown timer.

You can setup countdown timer for daily deal or for any period of time as you want. With the flexible countdown timer in Daily Deal Magento Extension, it allows limiting deals simply but effectively. With attractive special offers, there is necessary information for customers choose suitable product. They base on timer, discount, saving amount, sold as well as remaining quantity for each item. Specially, timer is exact through constantly, attractive view with clear text and background color make your customers be impressed.

Daily Deal Magento Extension has new frontend designer, the countdown timer interface is really attractive with customers at first sight with highlight color, clear layout. The deal can be customized in the left or right sidebar with easy, the today deal is really outstanding about product name, remaining time to get discount, regular and special price. Furthermore, it is easily for your customers to recognize the timeline slider on the top define deals for any interval, it limits products time discount chose. Other, the clients allow to show the number of products on per page, it is customized by Admin, help your customers have general view about discount products.

User interface is designed depend on creation of shop owner, text, background color, min or max value,… are configured. Further, you able to customized more than one number of products per page. According to the purpose of Admin, customers can review all deals in four tabs: Today Deals, All deals, Upcoming Deals and Past Deals in the deal listing page. Four promotion blocks are shown flexibly so that customers can easily keep track of your deals.

Nowadays, Online business is developing with a lot of way to increase sales. Among, discounting use countdown timer Daily Deal Magento Extension is useful tool for your website stand by price of product, it stimulates customers buy your product better and attract them visit the shop many times. Daily Deal Magento Extension at Cmsmart marketplace is the best product for you to integrate into business website which is compatible with Magento framework, make your website able to upgrade and develop more extension.

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