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eCommerce Cart Abandonment Report 2016 by VWO


Shopping cart abandonment – this is one of the biggest pain-points for ecommerce businesses. Finding the solutions to reduce the cart abandonment rates is a thing that many companies have been doing. So, in order to do that, user’s behavior is what ecommerce marketers need to understand more. Here are some important questions that we need to answer:

  • Why do users abandon carts?
  • What measures can be taken to prevent cart abandonment?
  • What really makes user return to an eCommerce site and checkout an abandoned cart?
  • How can window shoppers be converted into customers?

To help you have a better understanding about that, a survey that has been conducted by VWO, it will help us to gain the critical insights on common cart abandonment issues. This survey was done with more than 1000 respondents, who lay in the age group of 18 to 65 years and belong to the US territory. So here are the results of the survey:

Why Do Shoppers Abandon Carts?


As we can the in the chart, the biggest reason makes people abandon their carts is “unexpected shopping cost” with 25%. The second reason is “having to create a new account for checkout” with 22%.

We can see that consumer seems doesn’t like to see any hidden item costs, the suprising prices are likely to make them leave your store.

So, one of the most effective solution to reduce cart abandonment is retailer should provide the estimated cost of shipping and additional taxes right on the product description page or on the first step of checkout.

If Shoppers Choose to Buy the Product They Abandoned, How Would They Do It?


22% of respondents said that they would buy the product they abandoned from website with a better deal. The 2 reasons followed by “Buy product from a physical store” and “Buy product from another website which more trustworthy”.

An interestingly information is 41% of respondents would buy product from a different website. So, the online stores can nudge users towards completing a purchase by displaying popular trust seals and employing social proof.

What Convinces Shoppers To Buy From an Unfamiliar Website?


The fact is the experiences of other shoppers with a website have greatly influential to the perception of users when come to a new website. 30% of respondents said they would buy products from unfamiliar website based on the customer reviews on that site.

So, online retailers should encourage users to write reviews for the products they’ve bought by using emails or provided with incentives, if needed.

Do Shoppers Add Products to Cart Without the Intention of Buying? If Yes, Why?


Nearly half (45%) of users add products to cart without the intention of buying just because to check the final price. They want to know of all the costs which might show up at the checkout page, such as shipping cost and taxes. This shows us the importance of providing transparency in the product cost.

In additional, there are 35% of users click on add-to-cart button in order to use as a wishlist. 10% use it to get alerts in case there’s a discount later. And the last 10% do it by mistake and was too lazy to delete.

What Motivates Shoppers to Buy the Product They Abandoned?


The biggest motivation (with 58%) is they get emails or ads which offer a discount on the product they abandoned. This stat proved the effectiveness of retargeting in the battle of reducing cart abandonment. So, using Abandoned Cart Emails will be a good method to improve sales.

21% of shoppers would buy products when they see it on another website. And 9% respondents buy product because they see it’s going out of stock.

Do Shoppers Abandon a Purchase When Their Bank Rejects the Transaction?


When a transaction has been rejected by bank, there are a quarter of shoppers said that they have abandoned their purchase. That’s why ecommerce websites should offer multiple payment options for their customers, and the payment can be done with digital wallets or by cash on delivery service.

What Motivates Window Shoppers To Make a Purchase?


This chart once again pointed out that the scarcity principle is very effective in business. 48% of the respondents said that they will buy product when they got a limited-time discount. Only 1 percent of shoppers said that nothing can encourage them to make a purchase.

What we learned here it is the ecommerce sites should provide the time-based offers (What makes urgency) to attract window shoppers.

Which Part of the Checkout Process Frustrates Online Shoppers the Most?


In checkout process, “filling the same information twice” is the biggest thing that make shoppers frustrates, 32% of shoppers admitted to this.The second reason is they have to fill too many form fields – confirmed by 26% of respondents.

There are also other parts make shoppers frustrates such as “back button doesn’t go to previous page”, “Unable to modify or change order”, “can’t understand error messages” and “no facebook login option”.

Checkout process is the last step that customers have to pass in order to complete a purchase, but this is also the time that many people abandon the purchase. Therefore, ecommerce website should ensure that their checkout process is convenient and has minimum friction. Here are some tips to optimize your checkout page.

Do Online Shoppers Abandon Carts If They’re Asked for Personal Information?


Almost 60% respondents have at least once abandoned a purchase because the website asked them for information they didn’t want to share.

34% respondents admitted having abandoned a purchase when they were asked to provide their social security number. Other information points consist of gender type, phone number and date of birth. eCommerce sites should ask users for only that information which they’ll be actively using.

Source: vwo.com

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