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Evaluating Magento and Prestashop: Which one to choose?


If you search e-commerce platform on Google, just Google only, there will be hundreds of results returned just in few second. If it is the first time you approach information technology industry, feeling of dizzy is inevitable because deciding to choose which one among those results is not an easy task. Let’s start by narrowing your choice to open source platforms first because they provide all source code for you to customize.

Among a lot of open source platforms available on the market, I want to help you evaluate the two outstanding choices that are Magento and PrestaShop. Hope that through this article, you can answer the question Magento or Prestashop, which one will be more suitable for your site.


  • Basic eCommerce: They provide the essential functionality you will need out-of-the-box including storefront themes, basic order management, inventory features, product catalog management, etc. With Magento and PrestaShop, you can build a store and run it easily, but Magento seems to provide more out-of-the-box rather than PrestaShop.
  • Open source: They are all open source, which means that they are free, no licensing cost. Users can freely build a website as the way they want, it also does not require users to be tech savvy or professional developers, you can still use their pre-built themes and features.
  • Plug-ins: Open source platforms are free, so money will be earned from the plug-ins and add-ons sold, that are usually created by the developer community. I suggest that you can consider Magento extensions and Magento themes on Cmsmart for your site
  • Popularity: Each of them has their own developer community and customers and they are all huge, Magento hosts around 233 thousand sites while PrestaShop hosts about 206 thousand.
  • Support: Because they are free, so the support usually comes from forums or documentation.


  • Hosting: Hosting always plays an important role because if you have an actually large store and your server is so poor, you know the result? With PrestaShop, you have two choices. The first is free hosted solution. In just some minutes, you can finish setting up a store without installing any software. However, although you will no need to worry about hosting problem but it is free, so there will be some limitations for customization options. With a downloadable version of PrestaShop, you can custom anything you want but of course, you will have to pay an amount of money for setting up hosting, and this amount of money depends on your scope of demands. With Magento, no hosting solution is provided, so it’s up to you to maintain your infrastructure.
  • Enterprise Offering: The typical difference between Magento and PrestaShop is that Magento offers two products including Magento Community (can be compared to PrestaShop’s downloadable version) and Magento Enterprise. With Magento Enterprise, users will receive more robust features and it is so suitable for a large store. Shop owners will get 24/7 support and account management. In case, you desire a long-term development for your business, you totally can move up from Magento Community to Magento Enterprise easily. Whereas PresatShop does not support this function, no enterprise version is provided.
  • Price: As I said before, both Magento and PrestaShop are free but just free for downloading and using the software, out-of-the-box. If you want to use other services and plug-ins, you need to pay an extra fee for them, the amount of money you have to pay will depend on your needs.

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