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Magento Edit Order Address Extension

Makes editing billing and shipping addresses very simple! Absolutely intuitive and very handy!

Improved order addresses management
Edit addresses with just a couple clicks
No need to cancel orders just to edit the order address
Fill in fields that were left empty by customer

Edit billing addresses for any order
Due to this Magento edit order extension you can modify billing address data for an order with just a few clicks. It will help you to avoid problems with billing process when a customer needs to change billing address unexpectedly.

Edit shipping addresses for any order
You can also modify shipping address for any order. There are many cases when customers suddenly need to change shipping address. The extension will help to easily update shipping information and avoid delivery mistakes. No frustration to both you and your customers.

Extremely easy address fields edition
All address fields can be edited at once, not one by one. Just edit all fields you need and click ‘Save’ button – that’s it.

Fill in empty fields
Customers frequently leave optional fields, like ‘Company’ or fax, empty. With Magento Edit Order Address extension you can fill in such fields with proper information, when needed.

Ajax-powered extension
All address modifications are saved fast and order page is not reloaded.



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