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Magento Product Videos Extension 2.1.1

Magento Product Videos Extension 2.1.1 – Leverage the advantages of video marketing for ecommerce website


The product page is where visitors came to read and find the detail information of a product. Visitors will make their decisions to buy or not, it will depend on whether the product informations can convince them or not. A product page with many clutter informations will make they press “Back” button instead of “Add-to-cart” button.

Normally, product page will be presented by texts or images. But today, we have another way to presenting information more intuitive, the video. A video with 1-minute length can bring more information than a long text with many images included. So now, use product videos becoming more popular than ever. Using product videos can help to create a product page with clearly information, and much more vivid. Instead of using a long text with a ton of clutter information, we can use just only one video to trasmit all information that customers need.

The Magento product videos extension comes to help store owners can easily to add video of product into product detail page. This extension allows adding or uploading video from computer or attaching video from many sources like Youtube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, etc…

To learn more about this awesome magento extension, let’s discover some oustanding features of product videos extension.

Magento Product Video Extension

Main Features:

  • Add or upload multi – videos and images: it allows adding multi-videos and images to decribe for products. Using product videos can helps to increase sales.
  • Multi-display type’s images and videos: you can freely to choose the types of videos/images that you want (7 types available) to use for your site, which most suitable for your site design.
  • Options for thumbnail slide display: you can choose to display the thumbnail slide of video and image that you uploaded to your site.
  • Customized thumbnail dimensions and images: thumbnail dimensions and images allow customizing in back-end.
  • Allowing config video file size: in back-end, you can easily to choose the size of video.
  • Playing video with pop-up window or media block: Videos in your website will played with pop-up window or media block
  • Enable/disable extension easily in back-end
  • Cross-browsers compatibility: this extension supported for all web browsers (Chrome, IE, Firefox, Safari, etc…)

The latest version of magento product video extension (version 2.1.1) was released with many useful features such as:

  • Allow upload different video source: Now, this extension allows uploading video from direct link of online video sharing services (youtube, vimeo, dailymotion, and twitch) and from computer (mp4, flv).
  • Youtube API usage: Youtube is the biggest website to watch and share video online. This feature will make video which you uploaded in your store can available on youtube as well.
  • Upload video from front-end: Customer can upload video in front-end. All videos will be moderated and approved by store owners.
  • Manage all videos in back end: All products video will be managed in menu named “all videos” of “product video pro” or it is also managed separately in specific product. In addition, admin can remove video in backend they can also insert their product descriptions for each product video which will absolutely make their product seo better.
  • Zoom plugin: Image zoom is compatible with some styles (style 1, 2, 4, and 6)
  • Approve uploaded video in pending video: Store owners can approve all videos that are uploaded from front end in menu “pending videos”.
  • Rating video: video can rate by customers.


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