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Magento Reward Points Extension

There is no doubt about the benefits of Customer loyalty to your business. The question is how to keep Customers returning and buying in your store? We offer you a wonderful solution- that is Magento Reward points extension. It is designed to maximize Customers engagement in your store by many useful features listed below. You just have to make payment one time to have this extension (no monthly fee required), then run your own reward program and enjoy our free lifetime support and update.

Magento Reward Points extension | Benefits
How it works

Magento Reward Points extension | How it works
Earning point activities

There are many ways for customers to earn points when they interact with your site: Sign up, Purchase products, Refer friends, Review products, Tag products and Take polls. You can set exactly the number of points that Customers can earn for some actions, for example: 2 points for Signing up, or 6 points for a product review.

Magento Reward Points extension | Earning point activities
Earning rules

Did you know that you can use reward programs to promote specific products and also encourage Custoners to spend more? By applying special earning point rule to some products and shopping carts, you will see that a reward program is really an effective marketing tool! Look at the example below:

Magento Reward Points extension | Earning rules
Refer friends

Customers can also receive points when they refer your site or your products to their friends. They can share links through social networks like Facebook, Twitter or send through email. You can also allow Customers to share coupon code that once their friends have it they can get discounts in your store. This works as an affiliate program in which Customers can track their referral effort: number of clicks, visits, sales and receive points for successful leads that they create.

Magento Reward Points extension | Refer friends
Besides, Admin can create different product groups that by referring group A Customers can receive more points than group B. It supports pay-per-click and pay-per-sales, allowing you to easily manage Customers’ reward points according to number of clicks and sales through referral links.

Spending rules

Of course, Customers spend points when purchasing products in your store to receive discounts. However, you can make it more interesting and motivating by adding special spending rules applied to some catalogues and shopping carts. Customers can use their points in checkout by filling in the number of points or moving a slide bar.

Magento Reward Points extension | Spending rules
The module also allows using points when creating orders in backend.

Point information display

What if Customers can earn points for some activities but they don’t know about it? In this version, information on collectible points is displayed in many places: Product page, Review box, Poll box… The point balance is now displayed right next to the My Account link.

Magento Reward Points extension | Point information display

Report is a new very helpful feature in this version. Not every reward program is effective, and not every store-owner is aware of that. Your profit might decrease if your discount amount exceeds the new sales value generated. We provide many useful reports for you to analyze, such as: Spend/Earn ratio, Number of loyal customers over time, Points given vs. leads you achieve (new signups, new reviews, tags…)

Magento Reward Points extension | Report

The module allows easy tracking of transaction history through Customer reward balance of each Customer’s account such as the number of points earned or spent for purchase on the site, the expiry of points and so on.

Customers can manage current reward points and update point/money rate.

It also allows flexible management of Customer point balance via various parameters: Manage rate, Manage rule, Manage offer, and Transaction.

Incredible notification: For every instance when a Customer receives points, the system will send an auto-email template announcing how many points he/she earned. The module also offers an email template to notify the expiry of collected reward points and an email template to send link to friend of Customer.

You can limit minimum number of points available to be redeemed and limit maximum point balance earned.


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