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Mageticket Magento Extension Download

Mageticket - CodeCanyon Item for Sale

Mageticket will add support ticket system for Magento stores and improve quality of your customer service.

Mageticket allows customers to submit tickets directly in your website or through email. It also supports knowledgebase in which customers can search for common questions before contacting you.


– Easily to create ticket, keep tracking everything
Tickets can be created and updated using website form and email. Customers can contact you using live chat or phone but you can still keep tracking of their problems using ticket system.

– Email Ticket
Email ticket feature allows both admin and customers to reply to a ticket using their email. This feature brings users comfortable for tracking ticket status without logging into Magento store.

– Knowledgebase
Knowledgebase is an essential feature for any support system. Similar to a FAQ, a knowledge base is designed to present your most common customer questions or problems and an explanation of how to solve them. Instead of answering the same question over and over, companies will save time and money by guiding customers to an online knowledge base before having them submit a ticket or call support directly.

– Manage ticket staff by Magento Permission
You can define a Magento permission role for ticket staff, allowing them to access only ticket or certain sections in backend. Users added to assigned ticket role will be added to support system automatically. You can assign users to specific support departments

– Auto-close Ticket
Enabling auto-close ticket allows the system to close a ticket if it does not receive any update from customer end for a certain time.

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