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Products Best Selling Magento Extension


Do you want to increase your sales volume? Many ways to improve your revenue but today we will show you the best way to make your customers buy more and more items. Therefore adding Products Best selling Extension in your site will show the shortest way to buy products which most of people care.

Why use this product – product benefit

With many features was intergreated in this product, so it brings for you many benefits.

If your customer come your site, they can see products on top-selling quickly and grap one of them for themselves.

As admin of site, you can easily change the display to rename the title, image size. Another benefits, Add wishlist button can help the owner know which product that their customers is caring and they will release promotion program to attract them.

How it work for client

They can see the number of best-selling products. Choose one or more for shopping. Morover, your customer can add to wishlish if they like any products.

How shop owner works

It is very to use and install even you do not know much about technology.
Customers can see the product of best-selling by accessing the following links:
http: // / best-selling
A page most best-selling products are displayed. If you add your best-selling products block to other pages, customers can also see it

With some steps below you can install it quickly

First you Go to Admin → System → Magento Connect -> Magento Connect Manager Then click the button that is selected from magento connect and click the Install button. After successful installation you will get a text: “package installed……..” You can see our user guide for more detail

  • Easy to use: easy to install in few minute and config quickly in admin panel.
  • Increase to sales: the product make your custmer satisfied, so the goods in site is puchased by your loyal customer or new clients.
  • 100% responsive desgin: you can checkout with mobile devices anywhere
  • Showing how many products as you wish: you can see number of view products increase everyday.
  • Enable or disable most viewed module: you can display most view module as your demand.


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