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Quick Quote Magento Extenion Download

Quick Quote - CodeCanyon Item for Sale

Quick Price Quote is a very light and easy to use Magento extension for price quote.

Adding a price quote option in your Magento store can increase your sales especially if you sell expensive products or product with a lot of custom options.

It will add an ‘GET QUOTE’ button near to the standard ‘BUY NOW’ button. When customers click on it a simple menu will open where the customer must enter just his/her name, email address and tel number.

You will automatically receive an email with customer and product details. From Magento backend you will be able to make a price offer to the customer for the asked product and product options. All you have to do is login in the backend, choose one of the quote inquiries, modify the price and click ‘SEND QUOTE’.

The customer will get an email with all product details, normal price and your special quote price. You can change the template of the email from Magento backend.


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