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Selling product with 404 page. Is it possible?

Every day, visitors of your website face 404 error pages (the 404 error means the requested page does not exist on your website). These errors appears when visitors click on broken links whether they are located on your website or an other one. The problem is that most people who face a 404 immediately leave your website. “Sell with your 404” aims at inciting those visitors to see/buy your best products instead of quitting your website. This extension allows improve your 404 page by allowing you to:

– display your most sold products
– or to define manually which products / category of products to display
– define the number of products to be displayed
– define a text that can contain HTML, pictures, … whatever you want
– display your internal search engine form

Magento Extension - Sell with your 404 page
Magento Extension – Sell with your 404 page

What’s good for your visitors is good for SEO too. Google officially advise to put links to your most wanted content on your 404 page. That’s exactly what “Sell with your 404” does. Turn your most common error page into a selling page in seconds!

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