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Subscriptions and Recurring Payments Magento Extension Download

Subscriptions and Recurring Payments Extension


With the Subscriptions and Recurring Payments Magento extension you can accept recurring payments and sell subscription products in your Magento store more easily and efficiently. Simply add this capability to add recurring revenue stream to your business model for products as diverse as info-products, software or bottled water.

If you deal online in memberships and subscription products and want to manage them efficiently and effortlessly, your hunt for a Magento solution stops here. The Subscriptions and Recurring Payments Magento extension from aheadWorks Co. suits you if you sell products that are purchased with a certain regularity: magazines, software licenses, or products like grocery, bottled water, memberships, pills, detergents etc.

You can continue to sell these as a one-off sale; but your customers can opt to buy a subscription if they wish – and they can do it right from your online store! What better way to easily retain customers and generate a recurring revenue from them?

Sounds appealing? Well, read on to find out all that is in store for you.

Features for your customers:

Improved choice and total freedom
Customers can easily switch over to subscribing for your product instead of making single purchases. Or vice-versa; if they prefer not to subscribe, they can still make their one-off purchase. This freedom and flexibility allows customers to save time or budget their periodic requirements in a better way.

Transparent and customizable user interface
The extremely user-friendly customer interface gives them their subscription statistics and manage their subscriptions to various products. Customers are also sent alerts on progress of the subscription order.


Features for you:

Enhances product offering and strengthens your revenue model
Offering products as a one-off purchase or in the form of a subscription helps you cater to customers with differing needs.

Provides great flexibility, catering to different scenarios
Ability to convert simple, downloadable, virtual and grouped products* to subscriptions in just 2 clicks!
You can also convert subscriptions to standard types.

*See Product Types table below for more details
Flexible interface for creating subscriptions periods

  • Customizable subscription periods – you can exclude any day of the week
  • Per product & period types of customization – for example, you could offer a bi-weekly subscription for a particular product, while at the same time offering a monthly or quarterly subscription for another product!
  • Has the option to offer customers a different price for the first period of the subscription. For example, you can offer the first month subscription that is 25% less than the regular subscription rate to entice customers to sign up
  • Accepts various payment options**

**See Payment Methods table below for more details
Seamlessly manage delivery with requisite controls

  • Delivery pre-charge offset – does not allow delivery request immediately on the day of purchase
  • Delivery support with notice to postman
  • Delivery Date & Notice aheadWorks extension support – the “Postman Notice” field is replaced by “Delivery Date” and “Delivery notice” on the checkout. Your Magento store customers will be definitely glad to have an opportunity to specify the date for the product to be delivered
  • Configurable shipping per product: depending on the nature of the product to be shipped, you can customise the shipping mode
  • Configurable shipping cost – specify global shipping cost for all your subscription products or define per-product shipping price for every item individually
  • Configurable guest checkout: Option to allow purchase and checkout with or without registration. If user chooses to checkout as a guest, subscription tracking will be available in the customer area

Great admin features and easy-to-use application

  • Lists of subscriptions and subscribers and related statistics are available
  • Membership support – ability to move customer to specific groups upon subscribing or unsubscribing. This is great for marketing, customer relationship management and demonstrating respect for the privacy of your user base
  • Create subscription from the backend
  • Ability to process multiply subscriptions per single cron job
  • Manual processing for missed payments
  • Ability to retry several times if the connection with the payment gateway failed
  • Get notifications in the backend about suspended subscriptions
  • Configure and send out e-mail alerts for various subscription events, such as start of subscription, end of subscription, next delivery, etc. You can even define the store where the subscription has been made! Interact with your customers and keep them well-informed with timely alerts and notifications, while you get complete visibility on deliveries, new subscriptions etc.
  • Compatibility with Catalog Price Rules, Shopping Price Rules, and Special Price
  • Create free subscription products and allow your customers to subscribe to zero-price items – for example, free monthly catalog with discounts and new products

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