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Surcharge – Extensions Magento

Charge more or less based on:

  • Payment method – recover expensive payment provider fees such as credit cards or paypal, or encourage customers to use cost effective payment methods by offering a discount/incentive (eg. For cash/non credit card payments)
  • Credit card payments – choose to impose a blanket surcharge, a surcharge only for particular card types (eg. AMEX), or different surcharges for different card types. This feature requires your store to have a payment solution where customers enter credit card details on your website, rather than an external payment solution
  • Customer type
  • Country or region of order (based on either billing or shipping address)
  • Product or product type
  • Shipping method



  • Enforce a minimum order amount by adding an extra fee to orders below a specified amount
  • Charge a small order fee on orders below a specified amount


Other Features

  • Customer group filter option on all surcharge types (except product surcharge)
  • Country filter for payment surcharges (surcharge customers only from specific countries, or surcharge everyone except customers from those countries)
  • Order minimum/maximum filter for payment surcharges (apply surcharges only to orders below/above a specified value)
  • Input a unique description for each surcharge that the customer will view
  • Automatically add surcharge details to the customer email and order pdfs
  • Support for Multishipping Checkout
  • Multi store capable


Google Checkout is currently not supported. Please read our FAQ’s carefully if you are running another payment extension such as a One Step Checkout module.

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