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How to keep your Magento away from Ransomware


I’m sure you all know that preventing is always better than cure. It is especially true with business owners on the World Wide Web. Regardless of methods hackers use, the final aim is still gaining access to the web files, they are stealthily encrypted and hidden on secret servers that you cannot find. After that, hackers will require web owners …

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How Magento Order Upload Extension benefits your client

Magento order upload extension

You are in the printing business and have a lot of customers by introducing available products on your site where customer choose satisfied items. However, you are missing a huge of customers who want to print personal products which show their character as well as aspirations for a beloved person. There is a product supporting this task is Magento Order …

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How to configure Magento 1.x store with SSL?


If you are regular customers of online stores, will you choose to buy from a site with http:// or https:// ? Of course, https://, right?  So how can web owners create a site with https:// link? The answer is SSL which stands for Secure Socket Layer. SSL is usually used for maintaining the confidentiality of the customer data. When an …

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Magento Frequently Bought Together extension

Magento Frequently Bought Together

When customers buy a product on your site, they often add the product to cart and checkout. If they want to buy some related items with the main product, they need to tick the boxes before hitting “add to cart” button. This process takes so much manipulation and quite unconvinced as they don’t instantly know how much the total is …

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Magento Multi Vendor Extension on Cmsmart

Magento multi vendor

You are building a e-commerce market where allows to sell their products, attributes, ratings, tags, reviews list creation and manage their own orders and more by access the frontend and backend vendor panel. We are proud of releasing one extension which can make function like that, it is Magento Multiple Vendor – a powerful Magento extension that is necessary in …

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Modernizing your online store with Magento extensions

Magento extensions

There is one fact which may surprise you is that we are diehard shopaholics. Yep, diehard shopaholics! It is not exaggerated, why can we affirm like that? You just need to see the number of E-commerce stores on the market, which is the most convincing clue for our statement, they are mushrooming, sky rocketing. The simply and convenience of online …

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The Common Magento SSL Issues and How to resolve


The SSL – Secure Socket Layer is important to any online store owner’s website, it ensures that your customers’ private information is passed securely between their browsers and your web servers. The SSL certificate that installed on your site will tell your customers that your site is safe, then they will feel more secure when shopping on your site. Moreover, Google …

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Magento is Great Platform for Mobile Ecommerce


Nowadays, mobile ecommerce is become more popular than ever and it’s likely to become the dominant online shopping experience. Magento, one of the most popular ecommerce platforms, it’s also can’t ignore that trend. Magento has many responsive ecommerce themes, which optimized for mobile experience. And more, Magento 2 – the latest version of Magento was released, it brings to the …

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Magento Delivery Date Extension – An Useful Extension for Ecommerce Store


2015 is a year that e-commerce has become more popular than ever. E-commerce helps the businesses can reach customers around the world. And it also helps the customer can buy product without need to pay attention to the issue of geography and time, it allows you shopping anytime and anywhere through your PC or your mobile devices. The convenience of …

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The advantages of Magento Product Attachment Extension


Today, sell products directly on website we’re not strangers to businesses / company. More and more enterprises begin to shift from sales through the intermediary channel to direct sales on their websites.This helps to manage product informations, manage the information about the sale becomes more convenient and easier.However, to be able to do that works well, it requires the company …

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