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Marketz Multi Vendor Magento Extension – Start An Online MarketPlace

marketz multi vendor

E-commerce is a trend that is very popular in 2015 and surely it will also develop further in the coming years with the development of the internet. We can see the number of ecommerce website is growing more and more, we can also see a lot of companies start moving from the traditional sales to sales over the internet. Therefore, …

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Some Powerful FREE Magento Extensions on CMSMART MarketPlace


FREE Magento Extensions on CMSMART MarketPlace Firstly, you can go with CMSMART by top FREE Magento Extensions. They are the brightest candidates can bring to your website clever features. With all of them, the customer and you will feel great experiences. 1/ Marketz Multi Vendor Magento Extension A real workhorse for the admins who are looking for ways to manage commission …

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[FREE] Responsive Home Banner Slider Magento Extension


Responsive Home Banner Slider Magento Extension auto manage according banner image size. Responsive banner slider with no conflict issue. You can create a simple responsive banner with information such as URL, banner image and description. It is very easy to create slider with different effects and showing time. Main Features of Home Banner Slider Magento Extension Fully responsive banner slider with no …

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Banner Ads Manager Magento Extension


Advertising by Banner Ads are great strategies that can improve the visibility of your product and brand. It is an efficient way that can help you adapt with the demands of the times and to evolve an effective marketing plan and strategy. What is Banner? Banner advertising on the Internet means embedding an advertisement (a web banner or banner ad) …

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Best Custom Stock Status Magento Extension on the market place


Custom Stock Status extension for Magento can help you inform your customers about stock availability of your products more efficient. That is why the online store is now preferred to use Custom Stock Status extension. If you are the owner of an online store, you really should try to install this extension in this time to improve your website. If …

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How Super Menu Magento Extension improve usability and navigation of your online stores


Menu is the first part that customer contact and use when accessing your website. A menu with beautiful and convenient interface for searching information will help your website gets satisfaction of customer. Many admins had to spend a lot of effort and time to design and set up their menus for website. If you need a way to improve usability …

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Out Of Stock Notification Magento Extension – A strong reform within your reach


Out Of Stock Notification Magento Extension is a real useful tool that should have for all online store owners. It allows admins to get customers closer with their online store by encouraging them to follow the out of stock products. Once products are available on your website, a stock notification email is sent to the customers to get them interested …

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Affiliate Magento Extension: Put significant strides in the next business results


Ecommerce help you reach customers more easily thanks to it overcomes all geographical distance and national borders. There are many way to increase your sales with e-commerce. One of the effective and comprehensive impact is Affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing can helps you gain both traffic and sales volume to your website. What else are you waiting for, let’s try to …

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Why should you install Magento Social Login Extension for your website?


There are a number of real benefits to getting involved with social media. Sharing content with thousands of followers at once isn’t the only benefit of social media for business. With bellow reason you will be convinced and ready to install Magento Social Login Extension for your website thanks to benefits social networking can bring to your business. First, we …

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Search Suggest and Auto Complete Magento Extension


Use Search Suggest and Auto Complete Magento Extension: Effective way to save time for customers of your website It is not difficult to see that online shopping is increasingly important role in the economy. More and more individuals and national organizations involved in online marketing network all over the world. Online shopping is popular because it brings customers convenience save time. WHY? …

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