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How Magento Order Upload Extension benefits your client

Magento order upload extension

You are in the printing business and have a lot of customers by introducing available products on your site where customer choose satisfied items. However, you are missing a huge of customers who want to print personal products which show their character as well as aspirations for a beloved person. There is a product supporting this task is Magento Order …

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Magento Ajax Search Autocomplete and Suggest on Cmsmart

Magento ajax search autocomplete

Nowadays, customer’s criterion for the online shop is increasing day by day. Although you had a great interface for your site but it is not enough for customer experience. When customers are looking for a suitable product, they will be quite difficult if you have a huge number of products. That is the motivation for us to make a function …

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Magento Frequently Bought Together extension

Magento Frequently Bought Together

When customers buy a product on your site, they often add the product to cart and checkout. If they want to buy some related items with the main product, they need to tick the boxes before hitting “add to cart” button. This process takes so much manipulation and quite unconvinced as they don’t instantly know how much the total is …

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Magento Multi Vendor Extension on Cmsmart

Magento multi vendor

You are building a e-commerce market where allows to sell their products, attributes, ratings, tags, reviews list creation and manage their own orders and more by access the frontend and backend vendor panel. We are proud of releasing one extension which can make function like that, it is Magento Multiple Vendor – a powerful Magento extension that is necessary in …

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Modernizing your online store with Magento extensions

Magento extensions

There is one fact which may surprise you is that we are diehard shopaholics. Yep, diehard shopaholics! It is not exaggerated, why can we affirm like that? You just need to see the number of E-commerce stores on the market, which is the most convincing clue for our statement, they are mushrooming, sky rocketing. The simply and convenience of online …

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10+ Good Free Magento Extension for Ecommerce Website


Magento is a very powerful platform to build an ecommerce website. The evidence is Magento currently is the most popular ecommerce platform. Magento continues development and growth, more and more websites are built base on magento and the majority of which is the ecommerce website. More and more sites are opened; the general web developers and magento developers in particular …

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Which ” Shop By Manufacturer Magento Extension ” good for your site?


If you ask customers about the issue of a product that they usually consider the most? Your answers frequently is its manufacturer. A excellent searching feature can help Customers quickly reach the manufacturer and products they seeking, allows them save much more time in action on your website. There are 4 best extensions allows you to create and display brands …

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Why you should to add Magento Social Login Extension to your online store right now


Since the creation of social networking sites such as MySpace, LinkedIn, and Facebook, individuals are given opportunities to meet new people and friends in their own and also in the other diverse communities across the world. Social networking has become one of the most important parts of our daily life as it enables us to communicate with a lot of …

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Website optimization with Magento Full Page Cache


DOWNLOAD Magento Full Page Cache from CMSMART MarketPlace The essential of Website optimization In everyday life we always have to wait for various things in various place for example shopping, check out, in hospital, in restaurant, in the street… We use internet because it allows us to reach all the world and do many things easily. Just only thing you need …

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3 solutions to improve your sales right today!

3 solutions to improve your sales right today!

It is easily to see that renew and update your online stores is one of essential ways to attract customer and increase sales. It is time to improve your website to promote competition of your website. In this article, we will bring you 3 solutions to improve your sales such as Improve your site-search with redirects, simplify check out process, built …

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