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Tech trends of Magento Ecommerce store in 2018

Tech trends of Magento Ecommerce store in 2018

It can be said that ecommerce industry is an actually fiercely competitive environment, it requires every participant to keep pace with the rapidly changing trends if they want to survive. With business owner, choosing a suitable platform for building a website is never enough, they have to spend time and effort to ensure that the store matches the expectations of the users and caters perfect shopping experiences. The words below are the latest trends for Magento ecommerce store in 2018.

  1. Artificial Intelligence

In 2017, AI has been the hot trend and in 2018, it seems to continue holding its high position. We can deny the contribution of AI to revolutionizing e-commerce selling when it allows users to acknowledge user behavior and power up contextual searches. Moreover, with AI, you can draw the basis of strategies used for marketing or improving the effectiveness of the sale staffs.

  1. Smarter searches

One trend that is expected to explore as the leader in 2018 is smart search. What will be considered as smart one? It should include filter options, intelligent Magento ajax search autocomplete, and smarter breadcrumbs to make searches easier and more interactive for the users. This trend is not just about improving UX on your site but also contribute a lot to building website trust among customers.

  1. More value added to Live Video

SEO will not like it’s used to be in several previous years, in 2018, videos will be preferred, bring the new breath of fresh air for traditional SEO. A lot of web owners have been planning to use videos for different purposes such as product introduction, user guide, testimonials. Besides bringing the viral effect to your website, videos also make UX more interesting. On the market, there are a lot of Magento product video extension available for you to choose, let’s choose from the reputation provider.

  1. Chatbot will become essential part

In 2018, Chatbot will dominate Magento Ecommerce scenario. These are the smart software that feeds the concept of conversational commerce by leveraging the machine language technology to interpret the customer’s needs. Chatbot will be an effective channel for you to connect to your customers and build the favorable relationship. Therefore, in the next year, you can hardly see a Magento website running without chatbot.

  1. Notifications for user engagement

Ecommerce website is not just selling products for customers and then ending the process, in fact, ecommerce selling is all about engaging new users and re-engaging and retaining the existing ones. Notification will be an important tool that will keep reminding the shoppers about the updates on the store in terms of newly released products, promotions, policies, etc.


What we mentioned above is the feasible trend for the next years if you want to make your store on top. You can custom by yourself or choose the certified solution providers with rich experience do for you. Hope you find this article helpful and Good luck to your sale.

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