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Top three best Magento Extension on Cmsmart


If you are using or intend to use Magento as your ecommerce platform, welcome to be a part of crowded community with millions users. Probably, Magento is the most solid e-Commerce platform around. The big such as Nike, Bazaar or MotherCare also trust Magento for their ecommerce website. The list of Magento extensions seems to be endless and to simplify, in this article, we will focus on top three best Magento Extension on Cmsmart.

Responsive Magento One step checkout Extension


In fact, checkout process of an ecommerce website is the most crucial part to get right, the key factor that decides whether your sale revenue can increase or not. Implementing Magento one step checkout extension is actually a great way to prevent customers from leaving your site and keep them engaged. Instead of requiring customers to direct to different pages just to fill in forms, this extension will streamline whole checkout process by let all information is filled out just in one single page (reducing 6 complex steps in the default checkout process into just one step). From the survey we did by asking people who has been using this Magento extension, the results collected revealed that the conversion rate on their sites has been improved at least 25%. Customers always highly appreciate the simplicity in the site they are visiting. Moreover, this Magento extension also brings your site unique interface and suitable for all website. Remember: ask for less, customers will buy more.


Magento Online Product Designer Extension


This extension is the effective and powerful tool for any printing companies/stores working with T-shirts, Pillows, Business cards, etc. It is so easy for web owner to integrate into Magento platform. The tasks of managing font, text, image become so simple and customers can design printing products by themselves as their wishes. No need to much specialized knowledge about information technology, all your customers needs are ideas and creativity, that’s enough. Our Magento extension will help your site offer customers A to Z web to print solution, shorten the gap between buyers and sellers. When the interactions are more and more, you can achieve a lot of loyal clients for your business. Keep in mind that loyal clients are the key success factors for the development and success of any business owners.


Magento Ajax Cart Pro


The most interesting feature of this Magento extension is customers still can shop without waiting for the pages to be refreshed. There is a fact that default Magento is not optimized for online shops; therefore, the weakness is in add-to-cart process, it requires shoppers to reload the page when they have any actions like adding, editing or removing products from their cart. Time consuming, too complicated and annoying shoppers! With Magento Ajax Cart Pro, shoppers can add, edit, remove and forget reloading step. Only when applying this Magento extension, do you realize that your site will reach a higher level of user experience, simpler and more friendly in comparison to competitors. Moreover, with added animation effects, you can make visitors love your site at the first sight  when they see products fly to Mini cart or My cart link. Is it interesting?


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