SMTP stands for Simple Mail Transfer Protocol. It is a standard in sending out electronic mail messages across networks that run on IP or the Internet Protocol. SMTP Configuration Extension support all SMTP servers and also support SSL Authentication.
SMTP provides the simplest form of communicating through email messages between various network. There are no hassles for the end-users as they only need to type their email and send it to the recipient’s email address.

2. Quick Email Delivery
Since SMTP is developed from a simple platform, email messages may be sent easily and quickly. As long as one’s SMTP mail server is working and in good condition, one can expect that messages are sent quickly to various recipients.

3. Reliability
SMTP also offers reliability in terms of outgoing email messages. If there are instances where a particular message was not successfully sent, the SMTP server will always try to re-send the same email until the transmission becomes successful. This is unlike other means of sending email wherein one may have to try several times in sending out an email.

4. Option for Dedicated Servers
With SMTP, companies and organization s may opt to have a dedicated server to handle outgoing email messages. Although web mail services and ISPs may offer the same services, not many of them can actually provide exclusivity when it comes to mail servers. This could mean problems with email transmission. But with SMTP, servers are maintained locally and may be configured to exclusively handle very important and sensitive email messages.

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