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4 biggest Blogging trend for promising 2017

Blog trends 2017

In 2017, it comes as no surprise that blogging trends for 2017 will follow the same pattern. Since recent several years, plenty of blogs have been created for content sharing purposes but that many of them will not be read. The main reason is they’ll fail to stand out amongst the crowd. So, in this article, I will show you how can you make your blog attract readers and followers with these follow for blog trends:

1. Engagement

Along with the explosion of social media, the taste of readers also change. They desire a more personal, intimate human experience. A popular way web owners usually use is automating their posts because it will help them save a lot of time. However, there are both sides to everything, saving time will go along with a high chance of losing followers in case they feel you’re posting just to post because you have to post. Readers desire more, they want to see the engagement, they want to see your enthusiastic in each of your posts, the gap should be closed. The comment may be continuing the decrease in the next several years, engagement such as like or share will dominate. Try to avoid auto message as much as possible, Let’s spend more time to respond to those who take their time to engage with you.

2. Live Streaming

The function of Live Streaming is the same to the blog post but Live Streaming brings your customer REAL MOMENT IN THE LIFE OF YOUR COMPANY, it seems to be more personal and timing because unlike a blog post, the video is what is happening now with a vicarious experience. You can also share these videos later for the one who missed when you were living.

So what should Live Streaming be about? We recommend things like missed when you were alive or personal interviews with employees or leaders. Another way to get more viewers on a live feed is to offer special savings or opportunities by announcing them exclusively on your live stream. We all know that it will not be easy and quick to create live posts on your site for the first time but I believe that when it runs, you will find that is a time well invested.

3. Videos and images

The effectiveness in attracting customers attention of video is undeniable so don’t hesitate to include plenty of videos on your blog. As we mentioned in the second part, it will be so good if you share recorded live-stream videos and non-live recorded videos are also still fine. Let’s imagine if you are a food blogger, what could be better than recording how to make a creative meal, then live-stream the moment you and others dig in.

Besides videos, any type of image such as photos, charts, graphics, etc. of course, will attract customers better than a big boring block of text. It will be much better if you use images to describe your post.

4. Great content

There is one fact that ten subpar blog post will never be useful as one fantastic post that will get shared from readers. And as a result, your blog and business will receive more exposure and hopefully get you more clients. Here are some tips to provide unique and interesting post:

  • Do market research: That’s the prerequisite for any next steps, you need to acknowledge what they want to read, collect their advice create that type of content. Let’s write what your audience needs, not just for yourself!
  • Throw longer and more in-depth posts away, why? Have you ever thought that your reader will be overloaded? Remember that your customers need real information, not fluff.
  • Opt to outshine other opt-ins. What does it mean? Everyone has the right to choose better newsletters and updates, so let’s be unique and appealing. Freebies are good, but you need to offer even more incentives because everyone else is offering freebies.
  • Clean up your site. A lot of long year experience bloggers agree that a cleaner, more streamlined website can attract more readers. Do away with extraneous information and graphics!

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