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5 oustanding features of Magento mega menu extension

To any website, the menu is always a very important part. Menu is the place to navigate the users, allowing users to choose the information, choose the list or categories as quickly and conveniently as possible. So for every website, we all need to optimize site menu to make sure that it can operate with maximum efficiency. And for e-commerce sites, this becomes more important. The Online stores, where there are many items are arranged in multiple categories, the optimal menu will help users easy to choose products according to each function, each catalog and each category.

If you have an online Magento store, the default menu will not have many functions for you to customize. That’s why Magento Mega Menu Extension was born; this extension helps you to build a very powerful menu for your magento strore. As its name, mega menu Magento has many powerful features which allow you to build a real “Mega” menu for your site, absolutely that will make your store become more perfect.


Here are the lists of 5 outstanding features of Magento Mega Menu Extension, surely that will make you impressed.

  • Horizontal Magento navigation menu: This extension will help you create an impressive menu and complete information. You can customize, organize the categories / sub-categories and products by the easiest way. After using this extension, definitely that your website will possess an attractive horizontal menu.
  • Menu Effects: your menu will have smooth effects. Example when your customers hover on a Menu Item, a list of article will be displayed. This feature will make your site more vivid and more professional.
  • Menu Customizations: you can freely to customize your site’s menu. A lot of options to choose on menu settings. You can hide /show thumbnails for each category on menu and you also can decide how many columns of sub-categories will be displayed when a shopper hover parent categories on menu. Or you can select numbers of products to show in categories if you want.
  • Add thumbnails of products or categories on menu: this makes your menu look more eye-catching. In the drop-down menu you can add the thumbnail for each category. Your site’s menu will not be boring in the eyes of customers anymore.
  • Custom Blocks: this feature enables you to choose the place where the block displays. You can add attractive header, footer, images, static block or products to the menu. Moreover, you can select the number of columns, sub-category or products to display.

Apart from the 5 features above, this extension also provides you many more options; you can easily customize the back-end (admin panel). Magento Mega Menu Extension supported for multiple stores and multiple languages so you can you it for many kinds of website.

Moreover, Mega Menu Magento built from 100% open source and meets all Magento programming practices for most versions and customizations compatibility. Easy to install and use is also an advantage of this extension; you will not need to worry about the problems that occur when using this product because the support team is 24/7 available for you.

To get a closest look of Magento Mega Menu Extension, feel free to try demo version right now.

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