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5 reasons make Magento be a reliable solution for 2017


We are in the E-commerce world with the wonderful experience offered by the upsurge of new technologies. E-shoppers absolutely have a basis to expect more loyalty programs, greater perks, faster online payments and much more. When building an arena of ultimate shopping experience of online merchants, people start to pay more attention to the improvement of Magento. Because they understand the important role of this premier eCommerce platform with the e-commerce industry. In this article, I want to discuss more what will be the reasons make it emerge as the dependable platform of the time.

1. Preprocessing with CSS

This process will facilitate so well customization as well as the improvements in performance and speed of websites. It hosts a LESS preprocessor which, works with the LESS PHP adapter for enabling the LESS usage along with a CSS URL resolver, so fixing links present in the CSS source files.

2. Improved scalability and performance

From the very first version and until now, when a high upgraded version, Magento 2, is released, Magento always enhances the speed and is more performing in comparison to other alternative platforms. Thanks to the features like extensive indexing, the index tables stay properly updated, improvement of speed of the query performance. Magento is a great solution for creating a test environment for checking out speed and even integrated the Varnish cache for improving the velocity and minimizing load on the server. Besides speed enhancement, Magento also enhances scalability which will allow you to host multiple admin users for creating and building product categories.

3. User experience ( UX)

The Magento platform will ensure an enhanced user experience on your site. Magento brings users an improved and user-friendly back-end interface so the statistics for all the stores will be shown clearly by utilizing the scope filter and a flat layout is prepared well for marketing, reports and different other elements.

You can see some Magento themes to improve your UX

4. PHP Scripting language

Thanks to the MySQL data resource and Zend PHP scripting terminology, Magento appears as the most efficient eCommerce platform which is really helpful in reducing the development timeframe. Most of Magento users agree that the performance on their site is quite resourceful.

5. Advanced cart solution

Working for an eCommerce website, it will be the omission if we do not mention to the shopping cart. Magento comes with the premium feature for a shopping cart of an online store. That is unique and high-performing shopping cart solutions. Those advanced shopping carts are most visible for the prospective customers and it is so convenient for customers to remove or add a product. The web owner can show the calculation of the total price of all the items ( should be inclusive of the shipping charges and taxes applicable). You can check the efficiency of this feature by looking at a number of repeat purchases.

Cart solution: Magento 2 One Step Checkout extension

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