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5 useful tips to optimize the conversion rate for your Magento web store

In short, the conversion rate is calculated by the number of achieved goals divided on the number of website visitors. The final goal of any business owner is the sale, of course, and conversion rate will be directly proportioned to the sale volume. If you search on the Internet, there are multiple suggestions in terms of how can you improve the conversion rate for your Magento website. However, too much means too confused so in this post, I will focus on 5 basic tips that you need to do before doing anything else.

5 useful tips to optimize conversion rate for your Magento web store
Conversion Rate Optimization

1. One step checkout

The checkout process can be considered as the climax of the entire shopping experience. The default checkout process of the Magento site contains 6 steps – an exorbitant luxury. It requires customers a lot of time for loading pages and fills multiple information. No one is patient enough to finish. You can eliminate all distractions and save time for consumers with Magento one step checkout extension that narrows 6 steps of checkout into just one.

Even when you install one step checkout process, don’t forget to spend some time to optimize each small detail such as removing unnecessary fields, offering several payment methods and never using vivid colors.

2. Page loading speed

Page loading speed is not just an issue of just a checkout step; it is for the whole website. A survey revealed that over 50% of total consumers will leave if your website takes more than 2 seconds to load. Some users complain that the Loading speed issue is particularly acute for Magento and it affects negatively the user experience. You can use Google Analytics to find the most sluggish pages. Follow this step: Behavior -> Site speed -> Speed suggestion. In most of the cases, slow loading speed causes by overweight templates, non-optimized images, Javascript files, or absence of CDN implementation. Another important thing is always keeping your Magento version up-to-date to have better performance optimization.

3. Reward program

Experts agree that reward program a perfect customer retention tactic and it can be considered as one of your main revenue driving practice. Magento supports a lot of plugin for launching a reward program. For example, you can give rewards points for loyal customers or creating a short-term program within 15 minutes.

4. Testimonials and reviews

Making a purchase or not will depend a lot on how customers trust you. So how can we build trust, a recommendation is adding the product reviews section. What I want to say here is customers will trust what former buyers reviewed your products and service rather than what you show, the story you tell because it is based on real-life experience.

5. Live Chat

Customers will be more satisfied and tend to pull out their wallets when they can reach your store easily and be supported by a real human. The thing is, people often have a lot of pre-sales questions which, being unanswered, keep them from making an order. The doubts can be dispelled effectively and amazingly.

The above is a little information about tips to optimize the conversion rate for your Magento web store. I hope the article has brought many useful things for you. If you have any concerns or are interested in our products, please contact us on CMSmart.net. Thank you!

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