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5 ways to improve your mobile UX with Magento extension


Mobile devices are still not a trend, it is an essential part of our life and owning a mobile-friendly is the prerequisite for any shop owners if they want to win in this fiercely competitive environment. In this article, we will give you the key to success with 5 ways to improve your mobile UX with Magento extension

1. Designing for the device

When deciding to design for mobile devices, you should keep in mind that the way users navigate on mobile devices will be different from the way they do on laptops or desktop. If you check the latest news frequently from Google, in a recent survey related to mobile usability, they announced that one of the most outstanding characteristics of mobile users can be summed up in the word: goal-oriented. It means that they desire to get what they want from the mobile site immediately on in an easy way and on their terms. Understanding customers’ context and demands and enriching content continuously are always a beneficial investment for your site

You can refer the product call Magento Mobile theme, which will help you create a site with a mobile-friendly interface.


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2. Never forget “Call to Action” on Front and Center

Keep in mind that with mobile devices people touch by fingers while desktop users use the mouse. So, the way you put the Call to Action button like SUBSCRIBE or GET THE QUOTE is also different from on desktop interface. We suggest that this button should be placed on the right-hand side of your landing page on front or center because most of the people are right-handers and it should be within the scope of the finger. Customers prefer mobile devices because they love the convenience and fed up with scrolling, so don’t let them waste too much time to find the button that helps interact with your store.

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3. Never be too Iconic

One common mistake that several websites usually meet is hiding their entire navigation menu under a little three-line symbol. The complicated design may bring your site unique and interesting appearance but no one can ensure that visitors understand your intention. Moreover, from the opinion of the expert, to bring great mobile experience, you should shorten and simplify the menu. Using word is always needed but never add too much. If the menu on your site is quite long due to too many categories classified, you should combine them to the initial list as short as possible, remember that short enough and comprehensive enough.

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4. Maintaining clear interaction cues

When people use desktop or laptop, they use mousse to access anything that is “clickable”; however, this term does not exist, the hover behavior and cursor will turn to a finger. Due to this difference, we suggest that you should design properly to make it visually clear what elements on your site allow for user interactions. All elements such as button, links, form fields, and other similar things should be designed large enough to easy click by a finger, usually, a thumb and space should be large enough for the visitor does not click to the other wrong elements.

5. Using Site Search & Filters

Remember that clients access your site not just for relaxing, they look for something specific. Directing them to what they are searching by giving a “search” field and implementing filters, it will help them save time and satisfy with your services. It had better integrate a variety of search options, so with an incompletely typed phrase, your customers still can get what they want. With filter, it is the ideal tool that narrows the range of search results. Your site will reach a higher level if your custom filter to ask some brief questions, for example, if you are the owner of an online fashion store, you may ask about gender, range of price or type of clothes.

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All in all, invest the time and resources in getting your mobile UX right and you’ll reap the rewards of higher conversions across all channels, online as well as off.

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