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Admin Manager for Magento’s internal cronjobs

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This extension enables you to manage Magento’s internal Cronjob Table, by adding a Grid to your Admin menu.The Magento Core module and its tables remain unchanged!!
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1.0.1 Settings
– added settings grid to adjust enable / disable cronjobs
– within settings view you can set cron expression for most cronjobs
– settings view also includes an cron expression assistent
– minor code optimizations and minor bugfixes

0.7.0 Magento 1.6
– add compatibility with Magento

0.6.8 Bugfix
– fixed missing dependency (incomplete Package)

0.6.7 stable release

0.6.5 Magento 1.5
– add compatibility with MagentoConnect 2.0

0.6.2 Bugfix-Release
– Creating New Jobs fixed
– Date Picker with Time

0.6.0 – New Features
– Separate Grids for Scheduled Jobs and History
– Automatic Mail for Missed, Failed and Jobs with extended runtime
– Each Mail can be configured separately
– Mails can be customized via Standard Transaction-Email-Manager
– Added Translations for Magento Jobcodes
– Jobcodes Dropdowns are sorted alphabetically
– Fix: Corrected display of Datetimes
– Fix: Use Datetime Renderer for Date Columns

0.5.0 Features
– View all pending/ running/ erroneous Cronjobs
– Search for specific Cronjobs
– Filter Cronjobs
– Edit existing Cronjobs
– Add new Cronjobs
– Delete Cronjobs
– Check Error messages for erroneous Cronjobs
Info: magentocommerce.com
Free: http://bloorum.com/threads/admin-manager-for-magentos-internal-cronjobs.2083/

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