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Magento Admin SAML Single Sign On Plugin


Recent years, we observe the impressive growth momentum of both SaaS and other web-based applications, as the result, business owners start considering more to identity management issue. If we calculate the number of usernames and password you regularly type each day, you will be surprised on the results because you logs in not only your company’s network but also something like webmail or benefits system. If you multiply that data you calculate to the number of employees in your company, you can see the problem about the support and security implications. Due to that issue, the demands for dedicated resources to manage your identity store, responding to password reset requests and deactivating users that no longer need access is higher and higher. Therefore, if you apply a Single Sign-On infrastructure, you need to sign in just once time but have access to all authorized resources.

When Sixto Martin decide to combine with Magento,  a new and interesting product called Magento Admin SAML Single Sign On Plugin is gone online. In our product, the SAML flow can be initiated at the Identity Provider or at the Service Provider and the Single Sign On feature is available and a customized link will appear on the admin login form. Let’s take a look over its convenient and outstanding features:

  • Enabling SAML Single Sign On to the backend with this extension simply.
  • Allowing easily switch On/Off the Admin SAML Module.
  • Just-In-Time Provisioning (including both user data and roles).
  • Roles supported.
  • Powerful features in the backend
  • Easy to install and use
  • Possible to single sign on/ log out service Url. (note that it is optional feature, it allows to close not only the Magneto’s session but also all the sessions of the Identity Provider as well as active sessions of the related Service Providers)
  • Auto-update: updating the account of the user with the data provided by the IdP and Review the Mapping section.
  • Connecting a Magento instance with any SAML Identity Provider.
  • Auto-provisioning: allowing users to create a new user with the data provided by the IdP.
  • Possibly setting the mapping between IdP fields and Magento fields.
  • Integrating Customizable workflow.

Our product is highly recommended because it enables users to interoperate with any Identity Provider, no matter what IDP providers consisting of OneLogin, Ping Identity, Salesforce, SharePoint and so on you use, it’s all acceptable. With this extension, you can use any SAML 2.0. In other words, our product gives you diverse choice for your business.

You can see the example of applying our product from the big such as Cisco, Toyota and PWC. Last but not least, what we mention above is just some tip of the iceberg; there are still a lot of interesting things for the people who dare to try. We believe that your business will be support actually well.


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