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Advanced Magento Call for Price Extension


Normally, the price of products should be clearly with customer, it helps customers to know how much they need to pay for the products. But in some cases, the store owners want to hide the price of product, for example, they have a special product or have a specific promotion for that product. They want their customers contact directly with them to get the price of product. So, replacing the Add-to-Cart button by Call-for-Price button is a good idea to do that.

But the problem is in Magento, there is no default feature that allows store owners can hide product’s price and show ‘Call for Price’ button. However, you can fix the problem with the help of third party extension. Today, I will introduce you a Magento extension which can help you to use the call for price button. It called Magento Call for Price extension.

This is an extension was developed by Cmsmart team; it allows store manager to leave a message to clients and suggest them making a request for price. When customers want to know price of products, they should click on “Call for Price” button, and then a popup will be display. Customers need to fill out the form and click ‘submit’, a message will send directly to store manager and they can reply to customer.

Here are more details about main features of this Magento Call for Price Extension:


  • Show “Call for price” on front-end: the “call for price” button can be easily enable/disable; admin can choose to display the button for all products or just for some specific products.
  • Display “Call for price” in product detail page: admin can choose to replace “Add to cart” button by “Call for price” button in product detail page, category page and search result page. In home page, admin also can show “Call for price” button and add the custom messages.
  • Message popup form: while call for price extension is active, if customers want to know more details of product, they should click on “Call for price” button and then a popup form will be displayed. Customers have to fill up all the field then click on “send email”, the message will send directly to the store owner.


  • Setup call for price option: this extension is very easy to install and use. After install, admin can go to admin panel and select “Yes” to enable it. Admin also can set-up and change the information like text link, email, etc… The friendly interface will help admin to manage this extension with ease.
  • Enable call for price for various fields of user and stores: this extension allows admin to choose when and where “call for price” button will display. Admin can apply this feature for customer group, customer ID or for a specific store.
  • Receiving message: when customers send the message, admin will receive these messages and they can reply with ease. This is an effective way that helps store owners interact with customers in addition to provide price.


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