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Advanced Promotions – Magento Extensions

Go beyond the standard Magento promotion options – run highly flexible promotions and drive high margin transactions with this easy to use extension.

Advanced promotions without the hassle
Set up advanced promotions that either aren’t possible in standard Magento, or require combining multiple complex rules to work.

Use a single rule with fine grained control over conditions and actions to set up creative, targeted promotions. Leave promotion restrictions behind!

Ultra flexible
Adds 13 new conditions, promotion types and actions to mix and match with Magento’s standard promotion options. Create unique promotions that stand out from the crowd to maximise customer spend and loyalty.

Drive high margin transactions by running promotions on items where you have the margin to discount. Restrict discounts to items of a specific colour, fabric or brand to shift old or surplus stock before it loses value.

Multiply promotions automatically
Promotions can automatically multiply using a single rule. A buy 2, get 1 free deal can automatically become a buy 4, get 2 free deal, or a buy 6, get 3 free deal (unless you choose to limit deals).

This smart feature avoids Magento’s multiplier loophole – now you don’t need to set up dozens of complicated rules to avoid unknowingly giving away too much.

Promotion links with automatic discounts
Send your customers a link to purchase a product, and the discount or free item will be automatically applied at checkout. No need for the customer to quote the coupon code! Google Analytics will track the rest. This makes it easier for your customers to buy, and allows you to target different customer groups more easily.

Feature List

  • Adds 13 new conditions, promotion types and actions to mix and match with Magento’s standard promotion options to set up advanced promotions (scroll down for details)
  • Easy rule management from the promotions overview page
  • Rules automatically multiply correctly
  • Automatically adds free items to the customer’s cart with a message to the customer (for simple products defined by SKU, and if you are running Magento’s one page checkout)
  • Give discounts (or freebies) on either the cheapest or most expensive item
  • Different coupon codes can trigger the same promotion rule for experimental marketing campaigns (Magento 1.4-1.6 only, as this is now a standard 1.7+ Magento feature)
  • Best practice code – zero core files modified


Integrated with standard Magento promotion functionality, including:

  • Displays discount at checkout and in Magento pdfs
  • Option to exclude specific products or brands from promotions where you don’t have the margin to discount
  • Set up rules based on product categories or specific products (using SKU’s)
  • Only automatically adds a free product if in stock
  • Run promotions with or without a coupon code


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