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Magento Save Cart Plugin – Highly Favored Users Experience

Magento platform has been born for a long time being one of the most preferred open-sources for online stores. Thousand of online businesses all over the world have been using this platform because of its flexibility, simultaneously; it is an e-commerce solution with excellent applications. Magento Save Cart Plug-in is one of them allowing users to get high interaction with …

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Magento shipping cost calculator extension – A high quality product – 100% satisfaction

Magento has come up to be a leader in the world for setting up and running online stores of different kinds and till now. Nowadays, more than 125.000 online stores have been set up using this platform. Magento provides its users with every feature possible but there are times when everything cannot be worked out, and for this we have …

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Magento Facebook Link Extension Facebook Login Cmsmart


Be where your customers are — this is the simple mantra for most successful businesses. Chances are, a large number of your customers are on Facebook!  So, create a presence on your customers’ Facebook Walls and get a distinct competitive edge over your competitors.

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Magento Main Menu Adding Links Mega Menu Extension

One of the things that may sound easy to set is the top menu items. However, we’re talking about Magento here and it isn’t as easy as it seems. A specific way of creating menu items out of categories makes this fairly easy task a nightmare. Fortunately for us, Magento has a secret up its sleeve. Magento’s logic allows only categories …

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Flat Rate Shipping Per Product PRO V2.0 Magento Extension

Flat Rate Shipping Per Product PRO V2.0 extension is the most powerful flat rate shipping module for Magento. It allows you the flexibility to specify a flat rate shipping amount for each product individually with multiple service levels and international rates. With the new 2.0 version, store owners can also set tiered shipping rates based upon the quantity of items …

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Magento One Page Checkout Abandonment Tracking With Google Analytics

A shop owner will have a number of choices for Magento tools to optimize conversion rate. While ecommerce tracking and cart abandonment are available information, Magento checkout process abandoment is still fuzzy. This time, we will show you how Google Analytics can help you track checkout process and abandonment on Magento checkout page. In this post, we only use Google …

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Top 6 Magento Extensions for Ecommerce Store Success

In recent years, Magento has emerged as a dominant player in the shopping cart space for both entry and enterprise level ecommerce retailers. Magento is an open source platform, which means that your store will lack functionality it needs out of box. Magento serves to be an amazing platform for anyone who wishes to build a successful career with online …

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