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Banners Slideshow Free, Flash Banners & Image Slider

This simple extension makes store navigation more flexible and more user-friendly by enabling store customer to apply multiple values of the same filter criteria. (eg. can browse for yellow and red shoes at the same time)

Extension has no admin configuration, it just works, visually layered navigation does not change, only behavior differs: when store customer choses one filter item by clicking it, catalog is filtered by chosen item; after applying filter store customer still has possibility to choose and apply other item of the same filter. So you give store customer possibility to apply as many items of the same filter as he likes.

  • It’s free!
  • 100% Open source
  • No core code changes
  • Easy installation
  • It just works – no setup needed
  • Works with any attribute filter
  • Works with price filter
  • Custom design-ready
  • Localization-ready

You can easily combine this extension with other our Layered Navigation extensions such as SEO, Fast Ajax,Checkboxes, Price Slider and many more (existing, new and counting).

Download: http://bloorum.com/threads/banners-slideshow-free-flash-banners-image-slider.1632/

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