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The Best Magento Color Swatch Extension 2014


Magento Color Swatch Extension is a powerful extension for online store. It helps your product easily displaying in different colors on the page, simultaneously the swatches will show the color, pattern or design of the products brighter and more eye-catching.



Magento Color Swatch Extension with Zoom button will help customer easily find out how the product will look like at variations and view image thumbnails with different colors for each product. It also shows any attributes of products (origin, product name, description, price and images are changed) using swatches for configurable products.


Apply several attributes with swatch images on a single product.

The latest version of Color swatch (2.0) is released by CMSmart with more integrated functions which make backend and frontend more flexible for users. At the admin panel, administrator can use images for selecting attributes; specify width and height of product icons or use color icons or thumbnail images.

Moreover, Magento Color Swatch extension with zoom allows administrators to apply multiple attributes into a single product which has different swatch images. It’s possible to set up swatch images for any status like normal, hover, enabled or disabled in Magento Admin Panel.


View image details with elegant zoom.

Additionally, user interface is also more friendly. Customers can see all details of products clearly by 5 types of zoom effects and a full list of configuration features in Magento admin panel.

In this version, Magento Color Swatch extension uses images to show the details of products because image is always easier to understand. Especially, images are automatically uploaded for custom option (with the JPEG, PNG format) and the associated price for the product is shown. Similarly, clicking on the image to select an option value is also a new function. Customers can select an option value by clicking directly on the image of product.

Select an option value by clicking directly on the image
Select an option value by clicking directly on the image.

Besides, users can easily display swatches of attribute options on configurable product pages and optimize the content presentation.

If you need such a great extension as Magento Color Swatch, buy it and let it make your site more powerful. CMSmart always supports for you. Download and installation just take several minutes, and then you have the best Magento Color Swatch extension for your website.

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