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Birthday Coupon Extension Magento

Surprise your customers with nice coupon-presents using Birthday Coupon Magento extension. Let them feel your care and appreciation!

Automatically send birthday coupons
Indicate coupon sending time
Specify discount amount and type
Choose the number of coupon uses
Specify coupon expiry period

Be grateful to customers.

Customers are the base of any business. The first thing you have to think about is that they are people, they also enjoy little surprises and care, just like you:) So why not give them a little discount to make them happy, especially on birthday?

Give customers one more reason to come back.

Today almost all business fields are highly competitive. Customers return if stores are user-friendly and careful. Make sure that customers feel your care.

Automatically send birthday coupons.

The extension gives you an ability of auto sending discount notifications to customers on their birthdays. The process is fully automated, so the probability of error is excluded.

Indicate coupon sending time.

You have options to send coupons before, after or on birth date.
Give discounts based on your possibilities.

Specify discount amount and type.

There are 3 types of discounts: percent, fixed per product or fixed per cart. You can select discount type and then indicate discount amount in numbers.

Choose how many times the coupons may be used.

Specify particular number of coupon uses, for example 3 times. You can award customers with as many coupon uses as you like.

Specify coupon expiry period.

Invoke a sense of urgency and add a feeling of special offer to customers to have no doubt that they’ll make a purchase.

Send coupons arter or on the day of registration (optional).

You can greatly increase customers’ loyalty by giving them a nice surprise for almost nothing. It is possible to send a coupon N days after customer registration or on the day of registration and amaze them with your hospitality.

Maintenance and security features.

Automatic deletion of the old coupons (optional).
Why keep unnecessary stuff? The extension will ‘take out the garbage’ for you and delete old coupons.
Cheating protection.
The extension checks that the birthday coupon is sent only once per year, so customers will not be able to get discounts by just modifying the birth date.
Email template.
You can choose which email template to use for the coupon notifications.

Detail: Birthday Coupon Extension Magento

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