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Book or Rent – A Multipurpose Booking Rental Software for Magento Site

Internet is an extremely popular concept right today. With the explosion of the internet, activities on the internet are also being expanded, we can do many things with the internet. We can entertain, shopping, work, study, etc. Internet is now an important channel for business strategy of all company. Tourism and hospitality industry are not exception.

Now people are using online booking method instead of the other classical methods. Therefore, an online booking website with powerful features and convenience will help customers more easily in the booking step, whereby the hotel or restaurant will have a better business and increase sales.

Understanding the needs of enterprises in tourism and restaurants, so there are many products on the market offer solutions to build a strong online booking/renting website. In this topic, i will recommend a very good solution to build a booking/renting website this is Book or Rent a Multipurpose Booking Rental Software for Magento Website.

Book or Rent722

As its name, Book or Rental script from Apptha is a Magento based module that can ease the process of getting a booking and renting based business website developed in quick time. This product will provide a full range of features needed to have a perfect booking/renting website.

5 features which must-have to build a perfect online booking/renting website

1/ Booking option:

  • Users can rent services for any particular time period as per their requirements
  • Bookings can be done as subscriptions on daily, weekly or monthly basis
  • Notification mails will be sent to customers and hosts when a booking is done
  • Bookable periods can either be days or hours, which means that users can book either for a few hours or days based on their convenience
  • Dates in the calendar can be set to display the specific time period for which a service has been booked
  • Hosts can block any specific hours or days
  • Special prices can be added by the hosts for special occasions, extended working hours, off-timing etc

2/ Time-based Booking Rules:

  • Host can set the minimum and maximum time limits for booking a rental service in ‘Hours’ and ‘Day’ time scales
  • Time limit for service hours can be set by the host
  • A specific amount or percentage can be set as ‘Overnight Fee’ if a service is booked by a customer outside the service hours

3/ Options for user convenience

  • Simple search option based on city, country, date and number of guests
  • Property image slider on the homepage displays recently added items
  • Google Map view to identify location of the listing (ex: property, car, bike) if needed
  • End users can post reviews about the service booked
  • Option to track trip list through user account
  • Currency type can be changed using currency switcher at the frontend
  • Facility to communicate with the host through an internal mailing system
  • Detailed description of the chosen item accompanied by related suggestions for users to choose the best
  • Time based search option integrated in the home page search bar

4/ Option for host convenience

  • Google calendar synchronization with host’s daily booking calendar
  • Notifications will be sent to the host and customers whenever a booking is made
  • Provision for hosts for adding additional information apart from essential details like name, address etc

5/ Recurring payment

  • Hosts can setup multiple time-based subscription options like daily, weekly, monthly
  • Recurring plans can be set based on the type of the service or listing provided by the host
  • Multiple subscription plans can be set for a single service or product on offer

Moreover, when you buy this product you will get 1 year Free Amazon Hosting and Free add-ons included like: PayPal Adaptive, One Step Checkout, Social Loginyou will save over $1600 for totals. Let try LIVE DEMO now and get Book or Rent a Multipurpose Booking Rental Software for magento website with many advantages.


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