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Boost Ecommerce Conversion Rates: 21 ideas for you


When you are totally obsessive with the constant algo updates from Google, fierce competition and the cost for searching goes up, you desire a new breath of fresh air. You wonder what will be the new solutions for boosting to your online sales and increasing your conversion rates. Here are 21 suggested ways for you:

  1. Offering Live Chat

The fact shows that Live Chat tool will offer you the fastest return on investment that will make you surprised. Regardless of inquiries, upgrades, upsells, billing, delivery, returns or email capture, Line Chart is still the effective tool for improving conversions and satisfying customers’ demands.

  1. Lights, iPhone, Action!

Between a picture that is full of words and a video, which one will you choose to see? Most of customers will be more interested in video; it does not mean that this video is created with high technology because the crucial thing is conversions. It is so simple and costless if you want to make a great video just by an Iphone. A note is that customers tend to make decisions quickly when they see a video.

  1. Using Responsive Design

Responsive appears as the technique to make sure your website will look good regardless of any types of devices.

  1. Keeping a Responsive Navigation/Menu Too

After applying Responsive, you should check the suitable menu for your site. Besides the common type that is 3 bar menu, you need to design menu when the space is not enough for beautiful drop down menus.

  1. Speeding Up to Sell More

Quick, quick, quick, why? The reasons are faster websites convert better and Google also rank it. Using a virtual, dedicated server or failing that to Solid State are the way to speed up.

  1. Engaging with Your Home Page

In short, home page is where to sell, sell and sell. “Catalogue only” is just in 2005 and totally out of date. Let’s engage with your visitors through explicit identifying your Value Proposition.

  1. Strategically-placed Security Badges

The security implications relates closely to accepting online payments coming with the eCommerce territory. While applying a well-known security badge is proved to increase conversion, there are instances where it has actually decreased conversion. Good testing programmer where the type, positioning and frequency of the badge should result in a positive growth.

  1. Improving Site Search & Recommendation

Most of customers come from Google and they usually desire a rich search experience and avoid a clunky navigation. It is clear that there are wonderful search and recommendation tools available if your current site search is not up to the job. Read more: Search For Ecommerce Website: What We Need?

  1. Optimizing Your Category Pages

A lot of web users overlook this step; however, it has a big influence on the conversion rate. By deciding on whether to arrange products in a grid view or a list view can radically affect conversion rates.

  1. Don’t Skip Product Images

You have finished all the hard steps for attracting customers but a poor images choice is the fastest way to lose the revenue. It will be better if you can provide the image you take by yourself and show in different angles or 360 degrees.

  1. Product Descriptions

Avoid using the manufacturer’s description jargon if your products are not actually specialized. Besides the mistakes of duplicate content, they tend to pay more attention to the features rather than the benefits.

  1. Making Sure Your Captcha Is Sales-Friendly

The only method to deal with fake orders is disconnecting your server from the Internet. If you have an illegible CAPTCHA on your checkout page you own a potential barrier in the way of a sale

  1. Showing Your Customer Reviews

Genuine product reviews can influence new customers’ decision about your ideal products. If three quarters of customers say positive reviews, level of trust about a business will increase as well.

  1. Tapping into Exit Intent Tools

An exit intent tool uses a predictive algorithm to forecast when a user is intend to leave by tracking their mouse movement and make an irresistible offer via a pop up. Some may say they are an annoying distraction but there is evidence that they do increase subscription rates with no increase in bounce rates.

  1. Sailing through the Checkout Page

That over two thirds of buying is canceled at checkout will show you that this area needs to be improved immediately. Streamlining the checkout process, save shopping cart, email follow up (where possible) and guest checkout are all valid ways to reduce abandonment.

  1. Thank You Pages

To tell the truth, Thank You pages are a great place to build a relationship. Let’s integrate cross sells, upsells, suggestions, feedback, free reports, testimonials, and links to popular content, seasonal promotions…

  1. Improving Transactional Emails

The open rate of Transactional Emails is actually high. So if you overlook them, it is the time for pimping up your transactional emails.

  1. Keeping in Touch with Responsive Emails

Roughly 50% of email is seen on a mobile. Responsive email best practice is focusing on font size, images, copywriting and your call to action.

  1. Sending a Welcome Pack

Everyone loves a free or discount. A gift with some candies and thank you card can build a great first impression. The trick is to delay sending it so that your customer receives it several days after their purchase.

  1. Keeping Customers Engaged with Drip Emails

Dripping campaigns can be applied effectively in diversify ways such as education, cross selling, upselling, and improving customer retention rates.

  1. Strategizing Your Promotions

As mentioned above, customers like discount. You’ll just encourage the wrong type of client. But a well thought out promotion strategy can significantly increase both sales and customer retention.


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