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Boosting Sales with Group – Daily Deals Strategy


With the brick and mortar outlets, using the circular ads announcing their week’s sales on Sunday can not only increase their Sunday revenue, but also a steady influx for the rest of the week as well. This method can works well with the ecommmerce stores.

Using daily and group discount deals may not stranger with store owners. However, perhaps still have many people who still have doubts about the effectiveness of this method. In this article, I’ll show you 5 reasons explain why the online retailers should consider offering group and daily deals to increase their sales.

  1. Drive More Conversion with Urgency

A good deal is thing that consumers always looking for and the limited deal can be irresistible to them. According to the psychology of consumers, nobody likes to think that they’re missing a good deal; a deal with a little bit urgency can be the huge motivation they need to make the purchase. So, the promotions which are changing and updating daily or even hourly will be a magnet to your shoppers.

  1. Increase Your Customer Base

Using a limited – flash deal can increase your sales; it can also help increase your customer base. If your regular customers aren’t interested in purchasing your daily deal item, probably they’ll share news of the deal with someone they know.

Let’s thinking about that, what if you can persuade your shoppers to share the deal with their friends in order to qualify for the offering? You should know that a group deal can further add that irresistible pull to the consumer by allowing them to not only partake in the offering, while also driving their acquaintances to your store.

Magento Daily Deal extension allows shop owners to manage deals on their online stores with the most professional ways. You can setup countdown timer for daily deal or for any period of time that you want…

  1. Increase Your Social Media Exposure

Today, social media is the effective channel to sharing informations. You also can use the social media to share your promotions informations, constantly updating promotions to encourage shoppers share your information with others. In today’s ecommerce world, sharing on Twitter or Facebook will help you reach many people at the same time; they probably are your potential customers.

  1. Clean House (warehouse, that is)

What will you do when the new model has arrived but you still have many old one? An idea for you is offer it up as a daily or group deal and make room for the new model. That’s the way you can increase your sales margin before the older stock depreciates in value.

  1. Condition Your Customers

The most important reason for offering a group or daily deal is encouraging “return visits”. By using daily or group deal, you can create a habitude for your customers, they will visit your site every just to see what’s on special for the day. Like the Sunday circular ads have made household shoppers reach for that section of the paper first – before the news, comics, and crossword puzzle; your regularly updated deals will make your site one of the premiere places online shoppers will go to.


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