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Checkout Fields Manager Magento Extension

Checkout Fields Manager extension for Magento allows for adding different types of fields to Magento checkout and customer registration page. Collect all the necessary business or marketing info and the customers personal data needed during checkout. Process customer orders faster using the collected data.

Checkout Fields Manager enables Admin to:

  • Add new fields for multi-address and one-page checkout pages as well as to customer registration page;
  • Add custom fields with the following input types: Text Field, Text Area, Date, Yes/No, Multiple Select, Dropdown, Checkbox, Radio Button;
  • Add additional text to checkout steps without any fields;
  • Add default “Please Select” field for dropdown which will force to choose a different value;
  • Indicate on which store views of the available websites the new checkout attribute should be displayed;
  • Edit the name of the block that contains order custom data;
  • Edit the custom fields data text style in the order confirmation e-mail;

Checkout Fields Manager advanced features allow Admin to:

  • Configure which custom fields are displayed for specific customer groups;
  • Display a certain custom field when a specific product and/or a product from a specific category is ordered;
  • Edit custom data without creating a new order;
  • Use the extension when an order is created/edited via admin panel;

To efficiently use the collected data Admin is able to:

  • Add custom fields to the order grid (except for the date field);
  • Filter orders by custom fields data (except for the date field);
  • Sort orders by custom fields data (except for the date field, checkbox and multiselect);
  • Export data from the custom fields available at the orders grid along with standard Magento order export to csv and xls;
  • Export data from selected custom fields matched with order IDs to xls;
  • Display custom fields in the corresponding steps of the checkout progress bar;
  • Display information entered by customers on order details page in both admin area and in customer’s account (for registered customers);
  • Display custom fields at the invoice overview and print invoice in the admin panel;
  • Add the info from the custom fields into the Order Confirmation e-mail (when customer uses standard Magento payment gateways, including PayPal);
  • Add the info from the custom fields to the the Recurring Profile;
  • Allow to automatically fill out the information from the custom registration fields into the same custom checkout fields;

In addition Checkout Fields Manager extension:

  • Supports SOAP API v1, v2 and XML API;
  • Supports SOAP API v1, v2 WS-I (for Magento CE only);
  • Compatible with 
    • All kinds of PayPal payment methods including PayPal Pay Flow Pro;
    • Sagepay and Epay payment gateways, when respective modules are installed;
    • AITOC’s Configurable Checkout extension;
    • AITOC’s One-Page Checkout Booster extension;
    • PowerSync Salesforce integration (Basic and Professional);
  • Is not compatible with Custom Registration Fields extension but Checkout Fields Manager contains most of the functionality of Custom Registration Fields;
  • Comes with a User Manual;
  • The extension’s functionality is 100% Open Source.

Detail: Checkout Fields Manager Magento Extension

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