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CM Magento Daily Deal Extension

Magento Daily Deal extension helps you create & manage deals for your site in the most professional way. You can setup countdown timer for daily deal or for any time period you want


Users generally form opinions about websites based on the kind of products values. While it takes time and a lot of effort to build a reputation, it takes even more time to fruitfully sustain a reputation once it has been built. With a countdown, the extension integrates your Magento store with limited time deal functionality to motivate your customers to buy more.


The utility of products coupled with the short-term nature of the available deal makes it especially attractive to customers. For a Magento site based business, it’s easy to incorporate a daily deal extension and goes a long way in securing business for owners and investors. Magento daily deal extensionmakes it very easy and intuitive to select products from the database and set the terms and conditions for daily deals. Along with sales boost, it also brings extremely effective word of mouth publicity. Also, customers can’t help checking your site every day. Particularly, they can share the deals in their social networks including Facebook or Twitter and help your Magento store more and more popular.

  • Customers can review all of your deals in three tabs
  • Flexible countdown timer
  • Allow to show countdown, deal quantity, sale label on both list page and product page
  • Viewable statistics of every deal status (Processing, Running, Complete…)
  • Allow to show deal info (% Discount, You Save, Bought, Special price, …)
  • Easy to customize today’s deal block title, countdown timer title, remaining quantity messages on the backend
  • Support all types of product
  • Easy to select products, set discount and activate a deal
  • Allow to limit deals per customer order
  • Allow to auto-disable deals after they end
  • Deal report shows the number of impressions and sold quantity
  • Friendly and flexible configuration
  • Support multiple languages.

Product Detail: Magento Daily Deal

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