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CM Magento Product Attachment Extension

Magento product attachments extension allow admin to attach various types of file as pdf file, image, txt… & download or view these files on product page

 Product File Attachment, a very unique facility being developed by our team will definitely bring your customers a greater experience. Getting to know your final goal of boosting products’ sales. The extension is developed to maximize spaces and simplify actions.

Product File Attachment extension is developed to enhance the support for the main product. Configuration can be customized flexibly in admin panel. A perfect attached file which has suitable heighth, width, and size will be adjusted

  • Uploading file with general configuration
  • Setting default icons or upload icon for file attachments.
  • Choosing a product and add its supplementary files or may upload files into Product file section and then choose the related products
  • Sorting files in detail product
  • Displaying a list of files.
  • Download file option or view files option using Google document viewer.
  • Tool-tip description
  • Showing name, type, download and size
  • Supporting multi-languages

Product Detail: Magento Product Attachment

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