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Top 3 CMS trends that will lead you to success in the promising year 2018

If you are a part of the information technology community, I want to ask a question: Your CMS can display a comprehensive, as well as a nuanced understanding of your customer, needs or it is just a content repository? In my opinion, your CMS should do more than just basic functions such as marketing tools or broadcasting blanket information, you should find its potential to take advantage. If you can use fully its potential, what you can do will be building customer loyalty, weaving a compelling brand presence, and keeping customers return business.

Top 3 CMS trends that will lead you to success in 2017 and 2018
Trends that will lead you to success

1. Integrating with other products

Have you ever in the case that anytime you attempt to integrate CMS with your CRM, it always freezes. Or the synchronization process will take you a lot of time. This case will especially annoy you when you are about to launch a mission-critical campaign.

It can be said that the ability to integrate with other products and platforms has no long been optional, recently. It starts to become the prerequisite for the winning of CMS in the next year, 2018. When it becomes so critical and almost compulsory, say no with the convoluted or clunky process. Easy to execute out of the box as Bart, product manager of Squiz Matrix, recommend that it should be simple, straightforward, and totally streamlined.

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2. Driving content by using analytic

You cannot say that your CMS excels at its core job when you just have bells and whistles. It is not strong enough. I do not deny the essential role of capabilities such as personalization but I want to emphasize the necessity of analytic in engaging users, sparking conversions, and encouraging customers to turn back again. In the future, analytics capability will be the mandatory part within your CMS. This is a core offering and works with both internal and external analytics tools. With analytics, you can be more sure about whether the type of content is right for audience segmentation or not. With different contexts, different parts of the site, you will have different content.

3. Tailoring your CMS to cross-channel touch points

I bet that you’ve already known or heard at least one time about the seamless journey cross-channel integration can facilitate when moves among smart devices, but in that story, CMS has often been left out. It can be said that the power to ensure that users benefit from a compelling customer experience will drive the evolution of the CMS well into the future.

Of course, I do not mean that you have to use your CMS to manage every single step but you will know how important it is when integrating with other components across various cross-channel touch points. All in all, if your CMS is in a long way from integrating with other platforms and has not caught up with the top three trends I mentioned above, now, it’s time for you to move and go in a powerful new direction.

The above is a little information about CMS trends that will lead you to success in the promising year 2018. I hope the article has brought many useful things for you. If you have any concerns or are interested in our products, please contact us on CMSmart.net. Thank you!

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