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CMSmart Marketplace – What sellers talk about us?


Toward businesses, customer and partner always play important role, and for Marketplace, sellers are not only partners, but they are also contributors who enhance the development of business. We – CMSmart Marketplace always respect our seller, support when they need and care their product as well.

At CMSmart, we utilize all spaces to display your products in the best ways, drawing customers’ attention and show your information like product logo, developer logo or products descriptions, making your products attractive and easy to access. With carefulness and forward to our seller, CMS is appreciated as a potential marketplace system. Our marketing staff did research and take opinions of seller about CMSmart Marketplace. Now, we can find what our sellers talk about us.

  • Mr Alex (Indian Developer) said: “I am impressed by design of CMSmart; it is very responsive and looks attractive. The user interface is friendly; register process is simple and easy to understand”. He can submit product within several minutes. In addition, CMSmart’s support team is very helpful and always willing in his need any time. We are very happy when serving the dearest seller as Alex. His products are powerful and bring back sales to him from our marketplace. We feel very thankful because our support and effort are valuable to them.
  • Tejas Shah, Magik vendor shows her grateful respect to all CMSmart’s team. She gives us a lot of compliments and other suggestion for improving CMSmart Marketplace. This marketplace is just launched and meets many difficulties, especially when its competitor is Themeforest, the big boss on e-commerce of CMS products. To escape from Themeforest’s widely shadow, CMSmart need to make many, many effort to become its competitor. Thus, we are getting working harder and improving every day to server the best for our dear sellers.
  • One great vendor we wanna mention here: Mr Hoa (CEO of Magebuzz). He really loves our designing style: clearly and beautiful. As developer position, he talks that he doesn’t have time to do marketing for his products and can’t build a team of professional marketers. We know that 90% of developers are technical persons and their strong points are not marketing. That is the reason why sometime you may not make more money with you great product, but we can do it for you. From Google Paid Ad, SEO, Email Marketing, Forum, Testimonials, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Linkedin, Press release, Video marketing…we are experts and are doing this daily to all products on Cmsmart.

CMSmart Marketplace is proud of our services and support system to satisfy our sellers and customers. You will certainly have great experiences on our Marketplace. Become our seller, sell your create and earn residual incomes. CMSmart really want to see through your idea and opinion about us. We always are the loyal company with you all the time!

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