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Compare Magento and BigCommerce: Who will perform better in 2018

Among a lot of e-commerce platforms available on the market, Magento and BigCommerce appear as two of the best and most popular platforms. So, there is the regular question that is which one is better in increasing your sales as well as reducing the cost of operations?

Compare Magento and BigCommerce

There are a lot of ideas given to find the impartial answer. In this article, I will not say absolutely which one is better but I will make the comparison and hope you can find the answer on your own. Here we go:

1. Magento: Open source platform

Due to the characteristic of open source, users can access source code, customize and modify it with ease. Moreover, when using Magento, you have full control over the design and functionality. Even when you are not a developer or do not have an IT team, that’s ok, you can work with an out-source team or technology company to create your website. Just be aware that it can be pricey to maintain this type of cooperation.

2. BigCommerce: out-of-box solution

You can build a shopping cart based on available themes and customizable to suit your needs without the in-house IT developer. Besides, you can use many useful extensions such as product reviews, marketing or recommendations because they are part of the core product. However, as an out-of-box solution, you lose control of your website.

3. About Pricing

  • Magento:

Magento Community Edition – CE: totally FREE. Need to pay for domain maintenance and hosting, about $ 10 – $ 100.

Magento Enterprise Edition – EE: Domain, hosting and license fee (about 20.000$/year). Need to hire a Developer: from $ 10 – $ 20 per hour.

Themes/Additional features: solid price point is around $50 to $100.

  • BigCommerce:

Standard Package – $29.95/mo: offers you all the basic features including unlimited products, unlimited storage, unlimited bandwidth and accepts credit cards & PayPal.

BigCommerce Plus – $79.95/mo: provides all standard features plus: No transaction fees, real-time carrier shipping, best-in-class-payment providers, abandoned cart saver, omnichannel sales tools, advanced customer segmentation, checkout hosted on your domain, 1.5% transaction fee.

Pro plan – $249.95/mo: Includes a comprehensive set of features: Google customer reviews, Faceted search (product filtering) and Custom SSL

Enterprise – Call BigCommerce for a quote: includes all plus features and: Custom facets (product filtering), Unlimited API Calls, Premium account services, express routing, priority support, and strategic account management available.

Note: the price is just approximate

4. Features checklist

Compare Magento and BigCommerce

5. Easy-to-use

From my experience, Magento is not easy for users to create a website by their own if they haven’t known anything about programming or in other words, Magento is by no means a platform for beginners. However, its community is so crowded or when you buy a Magento product, almost providers will support to install for FREE.

BigCommerce, on the other hand, is one of the simplest ways to manage and create your shopping cart. Going through the platform is almost intuitive and even if you have slight problems, you can always ask around in its forums or call up the support for advice. But I think simple will not be suitable with business owners who want to build a complicated and professional website

The above is a little information about Compare Magento and BigCommerce. I hope the article has brought many useful things for you. If you have any concerns or are interested in our products, please contact us on CMSmart.net. Thank you!

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